Quilters’ Survival Kit


Toothpick: to remember not to be too picky about work. Just relax and do it.


Spool of quilting thread: to help tighten up loose ends.


Eraser: to wipe away mistakes you make.


Rubber band: to help you stretch beyond your current ability.


Safety pins: just like basting, to hold it all together.


Piece of batting: to remind you to choose a comfortable place to work.


Several pieces of remnants: to show that wonderful things come out of little pieces.


Hand lotion: to ease the pain of tired hands.


Lollipop: to lick all of the tough stitches.


Chocolate: to enjoy during breaks.


Teabag: to relax and have a cup of tea after a job well done!


Penny: so you’re never broke, even after a fabric shopping spree.