The Quilter's Wall

It takes someone special to buy yards and yards of fabric, cut it all up into little pieces and then put it all back together again! -- unsigned
A quilt is patience in the form of fabric. -- Kristen, Rochester, NY
...and I shall be like a beautifully designed quilt, unseen by some, forgotten by many, remembered by others, and by a few, treasured forever. -- kmf, Cedar River, MI
When stitching together patchwork - all mistakes head towards the border! -- smw, Durand, MI
Housecleaning makes you ugly, but quilting makes you beautiful. -- cb, Cassville, Mo
Asking a Quilter to mend is like asking Van Geogh to paint a garage. -- Paula, Lenexa, Kansas
To quilt is human... to finish divine. -- DE, Nampa, ID
You can tell a quilter by her fat quarters. -- Stephanie, Narrabri.NSW. Australia
May your seam ripper gather dust! -- VRG, Melbourne, Australia
Life is but a gift and we are the piecemakers. The patches we sew become the fabric of our lives. --AJ, Laconia, N.H.
Quilting forever.. Housework whenever! --rap, Dannevirke,NZ
A little quilting each day, keeps boredom away! -- Pab, Houston, TX
My house is so cozy, so comforting by the strategically placed quilts and mini quilts. -- ES, Harper Woods, Michigan
A Quilters' loved ones reap what you sew. --Carrie, Ontario, Canada
A quilter is a very patient and happy person! -- KM, Varde, Denmark
Quilting adds life and removes emptiness ! -- SKS, Galena, IL
A quilt in the hoop is worth 2 in the book. -- k8, Highland, CA
Quilting is simple-it is making something out of nothing. -- LMR, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Quilters like the threads they use, bind humanity together!-- ejm, Brampton, Ontario
Doing a lot of Frog stitching lately..... it... -- cs, Loyal, WI
The person with the most fabric , WINS ! -- mlm, Bronson, MI
What do you mean you're 34 and you're still playing with blocks? -- Kathleen, Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada
Quilting gives me piece of mind. -- Sue, Grand Ledge
When I pass through the Pearly Gates, heaven will be grand. A room of fabric at my feet, and a golden needle in my hand. -- jb, Massachusetts
Quilt till you wilt -- Kathy, Canton, OH
When life gives you scraps.... make Quilts! --   t, Los Angeles, CA
Blessed are the children of piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts --   mh, Dublin, CA
When you sleep beneath a quilt, you're sleeping under love -- sk, Rozet,WY
Dear friends are like an old quilt; they never lose their warmth. maj, CO
A quilters house is always in pieces. Mary Ann, Maine
The only excuse a quilter needs to buy more fabric is that she doesn't already have it in her stash. RK Alcester, SD
Dying to Quilt! -- tda, Clarendon, TX
Friends are like fabric - you can never have enough!
One Gal's trash is another Gal's quilt. --MLA, Rolla MO
What I make with my hands, I give of my heart. --JHQ Midlothian,VA
If there are no Quilting Bees in Heaven I ain't going!
Quilters cut corners. --jjw Orem, UT
Old quilters never die; they just go to pieces. --ljw Algonones, NM
When life hands you scraps, make a quilt.
A day patched with quilting seldom unravels. -- cjm Aurora, CO