July/August, 2013




Well, as clean as my desk gets!  

This is a veiw of my desk as I am writting THIS months Peace by Piece Quilters newsletter.  My desk is seldom this clean and it didn't look this way when I sat down to start writting this newsletter.  The first thing I do is open up the computer files I'll be using (FrontPage - it's the program used to compose the newsletter, Windows Explorer so I can do research, go to the Peace by Piece Quilters website to read last months newsletter, sometimes a dictionary website, the AZB4K website to see if there is info there I can share with you, my graphics folder, my email folder cuz I store info there like 'Quotes & Tidbits' and 'Just for Grins' pictures & jokes.  My computer has been replaced with a new one since our last newsletter, that means new formatting and programs AND a different way to do what seems like almost EVERYTHING.  So this morning I spent TOO MUCH time trying to FIND everything!  Once I got all that figured out I went looking for all the June bee info to share with you and discovered I didn't have it!  WHY?  Because at the last bee I FORGOT the notebook that I write all that info in!  DUH.  So everything was written on a piece of paper.  The BIG question was... "Where's that piece of paper?"  After returning from my state of panic I decided the most logical place to start the search was on my desk... After sorting and filing LOTS of STUFF I found the piece of paper pretty close to the bottom of the piles.  Hopefully when I'm looking for something else that WAS on my desk I'm able to remember WHERE it got filed (I foresee future panic states).

Anyway... On with the Peace by Piece Quilters STUFF you're interested in!





Taken from that little piece of paper that was buried on my desk.




During the June Peace by Piece Quilters bee we completed 32 quilts.  We also completed 19 tops.  The bee raffle items raised $48 dollars.  We also had a special drawing for the really cool picnic basket which raised $26.  There are currently 52 kits waiting to be sewn together and 18 quilts ready for binding.  We have 27 tops in the closet and I'm sure some volunteers have tops at home waiting to be quilted or tied.  As always we'll have sewing centers, tying stations, cutting and kit-kit stations set up.  Something for everyone!

 ~ ~ ~

         At the June bee Lora presented us with a fundraising opportunity.  The church has given us permission to have a table set up during their Super Flea (if I remember correctly that happens in February) where we can sell handmade items.  The Super Flea coordinator warned that high dollar items will not sell, keeping items under $10 gives us the best chance of making sales.  Please go through your quilting/sewing patterns for things we can make and sell for a few bucks.  Bring them to the bee and the group can decide what items to make.  A few people have already shared great ideas with me but we should have a large variety of items that appeals to more people.

 ~ ~ ~

A very generous member of the church donated a YoYo quilt to us.  It contains 2,537 YoYo's.  Very impressive sight.  She requested that it be used to help children.  Bee attendees felt the quilt was not suitable for a child because of small fingers and toes.  It was decided the quilt needed to go somewhere that it would brighten a space where children spent time.  So volunteers were asked to help us find a suitable home for the quilt.  If you've found a possible place for the quilt please bring the info to share with the group.  You'll be getting an update about the quilt at the meeting.

 ~ ~ ~

Volunteer Jane proposed a way to get LOTS of quilt shop quality fabric really CHEAP.  For the full story click HERE.

If you want an update on the Great Fabric Adventure click HERE.

Results of this caper will be at the bee for everyone to touch, ahhh and ohhh over, but NO drooling will be allowed.






Every month 9 out of 10 American children eat food from a McDonald's restaurant.

 ~ ~ ~

When you make a new quilt, bundle the leftover fabrics together so you'll have a repair kit for future need.  Keep them in a mesh laundry bag.  Wash the bag of scraps with the quilt each time it's washed so they'll always look the same.

~From Favorite Techniques from the Experts, Jane Townswick, Editor

  ~ ~ ~

During the summer months when school is not in session many underprivledged children go hungry.  During the school year those children receive breakfast and lunch free of charge through a school progarm.  The media makes citizens well aware of food bank shortages during the holiday season but the demand on food banks also increases during the summer months because of this change in the children's availability to receive meals through schools.





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The next AZB4K bee is scheduled for October 12.  They also have several bees already scheduled in 2014.  If you would like to attend any of their bees check the AZB4K website at  azblankets4kids.com for the latest bee info and location.  










Peace By Piece Quilters


Thursday, August 1 is the next Peace by Piece Quilters bee.  If you would like homework supplies please click the link below to send me an email and let me know what you need.

Have a pieceful day!

  ~Wanda Dix~