May, 2013




The number one reason people attend the Peace by Piece Quilters  bees is YOU.  No foolin'!  When answering the survey question, "What is your favorite thing about the bees?" the unanimous answer was "The people that attend".  Pretty cool, huh.  During the next bee we'll have a special round table discussion shortly after lunch when I'll be sharing ALL the information collected by the survey.  We'll also spend a few minutes discussing other important questions not covered on the survey.  Hope you can attend the bee to be a part of the discussion.







The Peace by Piece Quilters April bee produced 41 quilts.  We also completed 15 tops.  The bee raffle items raised $28 dollars.  USUALLY this is were I would share with you how many kits and kit-kits we have in stock to get the day started at our upcoming bee.  BUT... that info is not gong to be in this newsletter cuz I FORGOT to do inventory on those items at the end of last months bee.     SO,  we'll assume there is enough of those things to keep everyone busy.    We still have 68 tops in the closet waiting to be quilted or tied and our GREAT layering person, Linda, probably has a pile at her house being prepped for the tying stations.  We have a small stack of quilts ready for binding.  As always we'll have a couple of sewing centers, a few tying stations, a cutting station set up as well a station with fabric and patterns for those that want to play with color combinations by putting some kit-kits together.  The FUN just never ends!






It is not always a good idea to pre-wash your fabric.  If you are storing fabrics to use at a future date, pre-washing will wash away any light retardants that the fabrics have been treated with.  This protects the fabric from fading problems if in a less than desirable storage areas.

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Click on the picture above for this months jigsaw puzzle.

The monthly puzzle installment will no longer be a regular part of the newsletter.  This will be the last puzzle.  The survey (see Paragraph #1)  revealed the puzzle is not something readers want in the newsletter.  If you enjoy the puzzles you can work all the puzzles your little heart desires by going to  This link is also on the "Favorite Links' page of the Peace by Piece Quilters website.





The next AZB4K bee is on the calendar for June 22 at Las Palmas Grand in Mesa.  If you would like to sew with the Las Palmas Grand ladies check the AZB4K website at for the latest bee info and location.










Peace By Piece Quilters


Thursday, May 2 is the next Peace by Piece Quilters bee.  There will be something for everyone... piecing, layering, quilting, tying, cutting and putting fabric kits together.  AND we'll be talking about results of the survey (see Paragraph #1)  you so graciously participated in this month.  What FUN!  If you would like homework supplies please click the link below to send me an email an let me know what you need.


Holy Schamoly!

  ~Wanda Dix~