April 2006







47 That's how many quilts Peace By Piece  volunteers completed during our bee in March   That is TOTALLY AWESOME and you all deserve a BIG round of APPLAUSE That brings the total number of quilts Peace By Piece Quilters have completed this year to 91. You read that right, 91 quilts so far this year and we've only had 3 bees.







A new addition has been added to the Peace By Piece Quilters web site. You may have noticed it on the home page when you logged onto the site today... It's a quilt counter! We have been making sooo many quilts I thought it would be FUN to display just how many quilts the Peace By Piece volunteers have made since the very first bee in April 2004. Aren't you curious how many we've made? Check out the counter for the BIG number. It's pretty impressive! 




The next event Arizona Blankets 4 Kids has scheduled is the annual Las Palmas Grand Blanket Bee. It will be hosted by the ladies out at Las Palmas Grand on June 24. These ladies do what we do... get together once a month and make quilts for AZB4K. In 2005 this group made over 1000 quilts! They also host a BIG AZB4K bee once a year and they have been busy getting ready for this years AZB4K bee. Mark your calendars for June 24 and plan to spend the day or a few hours with them. Your heart will bee glad you did. 






Have you visited the Craftmart web site There's something there you will find useful and very FUN. Go to www.craftmartaz.com and click on "Crafting With Pam". You all know Pam, she's that creative lady that we usually see hanging out in the Craftmart classroom area. She's always working on some creative project to share with Craftmart costumers. On the "Crafting With Pam" page you'll find LOTS of project sheets with all the How To's for making some Fun and Funky Flip Flops. With the temperatures warming up those triple digit days are just around the corner and won't you look spiffy and cool in these creative creations.  


You may have noticed another addition on the Peace By Piece Quilters home page when you logged on today. A little weather center. It tells you the current Phoenix temperature along with cloud conditions. AND if you click on it you'll be taken to the Weather Underground website that will give you the local forecast. Their website will take you anywhere in the country to get the forecast. I checked out Maui, Hawaii... 83 degrees. And Paris, France... 50 degrees. So as it warms up here in the valley of the sun you can log on and see just how warm it is. If you're planning on a trip... check out the forecast for your destination. Pretty cool, huh? Or should I say pretty warm...? Nah..... Anyway, check it out.






While you're checking out the Quilt Counter and the Weather Station I recommend that you also visit the "FUN STUFF" page for the latest additions put there for your reading enjoyment. You'll find two new offerings. One is titled "12 Reasons Why I Buy Fabric".  I think we can all relate to this list. Quilters love to shop for fabric and make their fabric stash grow.  You'll also find a poem titled "The Quilt".  It gives you an excuse to spend time in your sewing room instead of doing those dreaded household chores.




  You'll also find an addition to the "RECIPES" page. In the spirit of SPRING I've added a FUN cookie recipe, "Orange and White Cookies". You'll find plenty of these cookies for your sampling pleasure at the next Peace By Piece Quilters Bee.







You've probably figured out by now that it's Bee Time again. That's right, it has been a whole month since we've had a Peace By Piece Quilters BEE. The Peace By Piece Quilters bee suitcases are filled with FUN stuff for you to do and FUN door prizes to win. You won't find any Orange and White cookies in the suitcases though. Those will be carefully carried to the sewing table to prevent them from turning into crumbs.

I'll see ya there, Thursday. April 27.


~Wanda Dix~