April 2008



The Peace By Piece Quilter volunteers are the BEST people! Word went out that we were in need of quilt kits and so many of you stepped up to the cutting table with rotary cutters in hand and got the job done. Because of all of you who were able to attend the Empty The Scrap Closet Party we now have 33 new Child size quilt kits and 39 Preemie kits. That's enough kits to keep us busy making huggable quilts for a couple of months. We were very successful at making kits but not so successful at emptying the Scrap Closet. It seems the piles are still just as BIG as they were before the Empty The Scrap Closet Party! I've been told the scraps are multiplying because I keep them in a dark closet. 




 Making an appearance at the Empty The Scrap Closet Party was a family of Quail. The mommy Quail must have heard lunch was being served and she showed up with her 7 cute little babies. Everyone on the inside of the house looking out became concerned about the safety of the babies. I am, after all, owned by a CAT. But the CAT I live with is very lazy. You'll all be relieved to know, since the party, the Quail family has been visiting everyday for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Mommy arrives with all her babies safe and has even added one. She now shows up for meals with 8 babies! Sometimes daddy Quail even comes along. They are a very cute family!





The Fabric Fairy must have worked on cleaning out her Scrap Closet too. Cuz she gave us a HUGE pile of fabric. She has the most awesome scraps! This time there was even some bolts of fabric in the pile. Those came in real handy as backs for  those kits we made (see paragraph 1). You can check out all her awesome fabric and have some for your fabric stash by visiting her website. The link is on our "Favorite Links" page. Shopping in your jammies, couldn't be easier.



During the March bee held at the Cutting Edge Peace By Piece Quilters bee volunteers made 7 child size quilts. No Preemies were made during this bee cuz we had no preemie kits.









Our last Peace By Piece Quilters bee at Sally's Fabric store produced a total of 13 quilts. We made 11 Child size quilts and 2 Preemie quilts arrived at the bee already made and ready to go out into the world. 



It was brought to my attention by dedicated bee goers that our bee schedule at Sally's Fabric shows us having a bee on July 4th. As much as we all enjoy the bees I'm thinkin' you would rather spend the day celebrating our country's Independence. So please make note on you calendar that the Peace By Piece Quilters will NOT hold a bee at Sally's Fabric Store during the month of July. 


AZB4K and the Cutting Edge Quiltworks has a retreat planned August 15-17. This is an annual event always held in the wonderful setting at Emmanuel Pines Church Camp in Prescott. For more retreat info please check the "Favorite Links" page of this website for all the latest AZB4K happenings..




Get ready for the 1st Peace By Piece Quilters Retreat. Yep...We're havin' our very own retreat! Our retreat will be held at Bear Cabin Inn located in the high country of ShowLow AZ. We'll be there August 11 - 14 (Monday-Thursday). Cost is only $150. This is a NO CHARITY SEWING retreat. You'll be working on your own projects. Spending the days with un-interrupted time sewing. Well... un-interrupted except for visiting with friends, laughing and sharing in some really good cookin'. Sign Up soon, space is limited to 12. Spending time at Bear Cabin Inn is a real treat! For all the details give ma a call @ 480-755-0757.





This time of year thousands of animals are born and many of them end up in shelters. Just seconds of your time each day can provide much needed food for these sheltered animals. Click www.theanimalrescuesite.com everyday to help. The links has been added to this websites "Favorite Links" page.


Who first said "A Stitch In Time Saves Nine"?

The saying first showed up in 1723 by Dr. Thomas Fuller. It was later used in a book called Foul Play by Reade. The saying then referred to repairing sails on a ship. 



The Peace By Piece Quilters next scheduled bee is Thursday, April, 24 at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks. 

The next Peace By Piece Quilters bee at Sally's Fabrics will be held on Friday, May 2.

We've got lots of FUN kits for your sewing pleasure.  


Happy Stitching,

~Wanda Dix~