April 2009

 IT'S GONE !!!

Yep, April is GONE ! Not only does the calendar say it's gone but so does the few triple digit temperature days we've already had. 



This time of year there's a whole lotta sneezing goin' on. Everywhere I go I hear people sneezing, my cat even lets out a sneeze once in awhile. 'Bless You', 'God Bless You' and 'Gezundheit'. We often say and hear these Blessings after a sneeze. Where does this come from? I did some research and here's what I found out. Blessing someone when they sneeze is rooted in superstition, an archaic belief that in the act of sneezing the soul is thrown from the body, and a blessing is needed for spiritual protection. Today, it is usually offered as no more than a courtesy, a polite response that has come to be socially accepted. 

Now ya know... Not that you needed or wanted to know... 

But, now ya know. 



These last few weeks as I go through my daily chores I've noticed an increased amount of bird activity in my yard. There has been a Mockingbird that has been singing day and night. A little research on him led me to understand nocturnal singers are unmated. This past week the constant singing has been replaced by the task of nest building in my grapefruit tree. He must have found a mate. I've also seen a pigeon delivering twigs to a palm tree. Someone recently sent me a link that has research cameras collecting the nesting activities of 3 pairs of Bald Eagles. Even though the Bald Eagle is our nations symbol I did not know much about these birds. If you are interested in taking a peek at these eagle nest activities here's the link that will take you to all the nests:  www.hancockwildlifechannel.org/index.php?topic=cam-sites  















The Peace By Piece Quilters kit basket was getting mighty low. But volunteers Linda, Doreen, and Janet helped out in a BIG way. Linda brought a tub full of strip kits to one of our April bees. She made all of the kits using scrap strips from the Peace By Piece strip bucket. They look so well organized you would never know they were made from scraps. Doreen brought us about 30 Preemie kits she had made from baby friendly fabrics also found in the Scrap closet. Gee, are they cute. Janet continues to keep volunteers supplied with kits for quick sew flannel quilts. Everybody likes to make these easy quilts. All these kits filled up the kit suitcases and April bee goers enjoyed making quilts from all these awesome kits. 





The Peace By Piece Quilters reeeally enjoy making quilts. So all those kits that I wrote about in the last paragraph will not last long. That means we are gunna be havin' a kit bee. If you would like to attend the next kit bee please mark your calendar for Thursday, July 9. No doubt it will be a hot summer day so we'll make it a Christmas in July event. Maybe working with Holiday fabrics covered with snowmen and snowladies will make us all feel a little cooler.




We have pictures of the finished Peace By Piece Quilters mystery quilts! The pictures have been added to the 'Gallery' page. There were some other bee pictures that had been waiting for a chance to get on the 'Gallery' page and you'll find they have finally made to the page also. Check them all out! 




While you are cruisin' around the website you will want to check out the newest link. You'll find it on the 'Favorite Links' page. The link provides information about a Culture Pass that allows library card holders to attend several area museums, art centers, the zoo, and botanical garden FREE of charge! Look for the  Culture Pass on the Favorite Links page for information on how to get your Culture Pass. 

You'll be sorry if you don't. 





Peace By Piece Quilter, Linda, recently shared a cartoon with me that is one every mother can relate to. You'll find it's been added to the 'Fun Stuff' page for you to enjoy. Look for the one titled 'STOP YELLING'. It made me snicker and I think it will do the same to you.



35th AVE SEW & VAC

 At 35th Ave Sew and Vac volunteers finished 22 quilts during the April bee. 11 cute Preemie blankets and 11 Child/Teen size quilts. 


During the April bee at the Cutting Edge volunteers finished a total of 22 quilts. There were 9 Preemie blankets and 13 Child/Teen size quilts made.  





With April being TAX TIME I found this piece of information a bit taxing and interesting enough to share...

There are 7 million words in the current tax law and regulations. That beats the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the Gettysburg Address COMBINED!


The OLFA rotary cutter was invented 30 years ago by Yoshio Okada of Japan. His inspiration was the rotating automobile tire.




The next Arizona Blankets for Kids bee is scheduled for June 20 at Las Palmas Grand in Mesa. The gals out there host a very productive bee every summer. Check the AZB4K website at www.azblankets4kids.com for all the bee information. 


Peace By Piece Quilters


Thursday, May 7 is when you'll find us at 35th Ave Sew and Vac.

And then we'll be at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks on Thursday, May 21.

It's no FUN without you!

~Wanda Dix~