April, 2014


OMG !!!


It's April !!  How did that happen ?!?
The Leprechaun has disappeared and the Easter Bunny is preparing for HER spring appearance.  It seems there are a lot of us preparing for spring.  I was in one of my favorite department stores last week looking for new items to add to my springtime wardrobe and there were a LOT of other people (no Bunnies though) doing the same thing!  Now, contray to popular belief... I am not a big time shopper.  It takes too much time to find stuff that I want to have in my life and much more money than I want to spend.  I'd a whole lot rather spend my time sewing.  :o) 


     BEE REPORT   




During the March bee volunteers completed 48 comfort quilts and sewed together 24 tops.  The March fundraising raffle items raised $52 for the batting fund!
 Due to all the donations we've received so far this year there were several items in our closet we could not use to make childrens comfort quilts.  Those items were availble to volunteers on a FREE table.   Many items found new homes and the rest were donated to other charitable organizations.
The generousity of donations we receive from others goes way beyond what we do.


The Peace by Piece Quilters now have an official Pet Bed Tester for all those fabric scraps volunteers donate for pet beds that go to shelter animals.  The testers guardian will take your scraps and turn them into comfort pet beds.  As the beds are made the Pet Bed Tester will test them for comfort and lovability before the guardian delivers them to the Pinal County Animal Shelter.  Unfortunately the guardian is not able to attend the bee every month, so on month's she cannot attend we request you do NOT bring pet bed scraps to that bee.  There will be a section in the newsletter every month informing you if the scraps will be accepted for pickup.  This month she WILL be at the bee to collect your scraps.
Not only do we make comfort quilts for kids but we supply the materials to make beds for animals who need comfort. 






Laying eggs is hard work! In fact, it takes 24-26 hours to complete the process.  Even the best brood hens cannot lay more than one egg a day. 
~Research Dept of University of Illinois-Urbana

 Each year witnesses the making of nearly 90 million chocolate bunnies.

Each Marshmellow Peep has 32 calories (160 calories per five-chick serving) and 0 fat grams.
I would say that's a diet conscience snack!






AZB4K has a bee scheduled on April 26 at Sunland Springs Village in Mesa.  For more information on all their 2014 bees check the AZB4K website at  azblankets4kids.com.








Peace By Piece Quilters


The next Peace by Piece Quilters bee is Thursday, April 3rd.   As always there will be something for everyone.  Lots of kits to be cut and sewn with piles of stuff to be tied, bound and labeled.  If you have any questions, would like to make suggestions or want any homework supplies please click on the Easter Tree below to send me an email. 

Have a Colorful Day.

  ~Wanda Dix~