April, 2017


The Peace by Piece stash closet has been OUT OF CONTROL for the few past months!  It has finally reached critical mass and SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE!!!

All the precut scrap was gathered up and a few dedicated volunteers spent a looong day sorting it by size, theme and color.

 The result...  Nice neat piles of 6" and 8 1/2" sorted precut scraps ready to be used to make kits.

But there is still more to do to get this scrap under control.  The 5-1/2" and 4-1/2" piles of scrap need some attention too.  So... it's coming to the bee this month and everyone has an opportunity to give the scrap some TLC!  Look for the "Scrap Sorting Station" to get up close and personal with all those little nuggets of color.





Thank you to everyone who participated in the Mission del Sol & Kyrene Foundation  Hygiene Drive to help underprivileged families in the Kyrene School District.  Even though these basic items are easy for us to obtain is it a struggle for the families receiving these hygiene kits.  Just one hygiene kit has the ability to change the lives of an entire family.


                                 BEE REPORT          




During the March bee...

~ 42 tops were sewn together.
We  completed 39 quilts.
~ Raffle items raised a total of $79.

What you'll find at the April bee...

~ The kit-kit tub contains 20 kit-kits ready to be cut into sewer friendly kits.
~ The kit basket is overflowing with 46 kits waiting to be  sewn into loving quilt tops.
~ As always there are quilt tops waiting for quilting/tying.
~ There's a couple ready for binding.
~ There are currently 172 tops in the Piece by Peace closet anxious to be turned into cozy quilts.




Hi Everyone, Duke here:

The comfy petbeds you all made with your scraps where delivered to the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue the very next day.

The people over at Lost Our Home do amazing things for pets and their families.  Click HERE to learn more.  

Click HERE to check out their website.






    ~  Would a Fly without wings be called a Walk?

    ~  Where do Forest Rangers go to "Get Away From It All?"

    ~  How is it possible to have a Civil War?

    ~  What was the best thing before sliced bread?

    ~  Why do they lock gas station toilets?  Are they afraid
        someone will break-in and clean them?

    ~  Why do they put braille on the drive-through bank





Upcoming AZB4K bee schedule is: 

~ June 17 at Las Palmas Grand in Mesa.

Check the AZB4K website for more information about this bees and other AZB4K happenings. azblankets4kids.com.









Peace By Piece Quilters


The April Peace by Piece Quilters bee will be held
Thursday, the 6th.  As always the fun starts at 10:00.

There WILL NOT be a FREE table at the bee this month.

Until further notice we WILL NOT be accepting any fabric donations of pieces small than 1-1/4 yards in length.  This is due to the fact that our stash closet overfloweth.

We WILL be accepting pet beds this month.
But WILL NOT be accepting pet bed scraps.
Petbed covers WILL be available for you to stuff with your scraps.  For guidelines on making a petbed click on the 'Our Community' button to the left.
 If you have any questions or homework requests just click on the Easter Peeps below to send me an email with your supply request.

Have a Colorful Day.