August, 2017

O M G !!!!!!!


Two months after receiving this gift I am still at a loss for words.  Every time I see it I am overwhelmed by emotion and disbelieve at receiving such an extraordinary gift of appreciation.

For those of you who participated in this project but did not have an opportunity to see the finished quilt, I will have it at the bee for all to see.  There will be a permanent marker with the quilt for signatures of anyone who did not have an opportunity to do so before the quilt was presented to me.

You all have confirmed a statement I have made many times...

You all are an awesome group of ladies.  Thanks!


                                 BEE REPORT     





During the June bee...

~ 34 tops were sewn together.
We  completed 77 quilts!
~ Raffle items raised a total of $62.

What you'll find at the August bee...

~ At the kit-kit station you'll find:  70 kit-kits that just need borders cut, you'll be seeing those filter through over the next few months.  Those kit-kits will contain a pieced top, a  piece or pieces of fabric, with a note attached instructing you of the size and amount of strips to cut for the borders.  Also lots of Christmas Kit-Kits ready to be cut and anxious to get started on their holiday journey.

~ In the kit basket sewers will find several kits that just need borders sewn on and a selection of Christmas and Halloween kits ready to get the FUN started for the holidays.

~ As always there will be a collection of quilt tops waiting for quilting/tying.

~ There's a short stack of quilts ready for binding and many more will be showing up later in the day.





Hi Everyone, Duke here:

We've been helping mom make shelter pet beds but still haven't used up all of the scraps so WILL NOT be accepting scraps at the August Bee.  There will be empty covers at the bee for those of you to stuff pet beds with your scraps at your home.  Bring all your stuffed covers to the bee for delivery to Lost Our Home.

For Guidelines on making pet beds click the 'Our Community' button on the left side of this page and scroll down to the 'Dog Bed Guidelines' link.  






The American Quilters Society recently published the results of a survey taken by quilters nation wide.  I've listed some of the high points below for those readers a little interested and here is the link to the full survey results if you're really interested. 

47% of us are self taught in the ways of quiltmaking.
56% fell in love with quilting because of the fabrics.
32% of us think the trickiest part of quilting is sewing the scant 1/4" seam allowance.






Summer can get pretty brutal in the desert.
Everyone looks for a way to stay cool.



AZB4K does not currently have any more bees scheduled in 2017 according to their website.

They do however have four bees scheduled in the beginning of 2018.  Check the AZB4K website for more information about those bee at









Peace By Piece Quilters


The August Peace by Piece Quilters bee will be held
on Thursday, the 3rd.  As always the fun starts at 10:00.

There WILL NOT a FREE table at the bee this month.

We WILL be accepting pet beds this month.
But WILL NOT be accepting pet bed scraps.
Petbed covers WILL be available for you to stuff with your scraps.

Until further notice we WILL NOT be accepting any fabric donations of pieces small than 1-1/4 yards in length.  This is due to the fact that our stash closet overfloweth.

 If you have any questions or homework requests just click on the Smiling Face button below to send me an email with your request.

Stay Cool,