August 2004

WOW !!!!!  Can you believe itís been two months since our last quilting bee !?! I hope you all have enjoyed your summer and found a way to avoid melting in the heat. We didnít make any quilts for Arizona kids last month but I was able to get several other important things accomplished towards our effort.


First thing youíll notice is the newsletter is now online. Itís pretty basic and lacks pizzazz but Iím hoping to make improvements on that with each newsletter.

If there is something youíd like to see in future newsletters feel free to share your suggestions with me. At the bottom of the newsletter youíll find a comments button, please use it often to let me know what you think and to share your ideas. Also use the comments button if you have any questions about Peace by Piece.

We have also accomplished a lot toward our fundraising effort. In July I held a raffle bee and with the help of everyone that attended we completed the raffle top in just one afternoon! Itís a beautiful top done with Christmas fabrics. The top is currently in the talented hands of Kittie over at the Cutting Edge quilt shop. Elliot is working with her to get it quilted on their long arm.  As soon as Kittie is done with the quilting weíll need to get busy selling raffle tickets. It would be great if we could raise enough money with this raffle quilt to keep us in quilting supplies until this time next year.

The Arizona Blankets 4 Kids web site now has information about the Peace by Piece quilters on their site. Go to their home page and check it out!!!

While you are visiting their site click on the ĎCalendarí button and youíll also find Peace by Piece on the ĎOngoing Quilting Beesí list. Kelli is web master for the Az Blankets 4 Kids web site and Iíd like to take this opportunity to give her a BIG THANK YOU for getting information about Peace by Piece quilting bees on their site. Kelli is currently working on getting their Autumn 2004 newsletter on line and a little birdie told me thereís mention of Peace by Piece Quilting Bees in the newsletter. A thank you also goes out to the Az Blankets 4 Kids newsletter editors Jessie & Carol Armstrong for putting Peace by Piece in their latest newsletter.


During the last Peace by Piece quilting bee in June we completed 9 quilts. 4 crib size and 5-preemie size. Thatís 27 quilts that weíve made for Arizona kids since our first bee in April.

Well, itís time again for us to do what we all do bestÖ MAKE QUILTS !!!!!  Our next quilting bee is this Thursday, August 26th.  As usual, itís at the Craftmart located at Warner/Alma School from 10am until 3pm. Iíll be brining COOKIES and DOOR PRIZES and have lots of stuff there for us to work with.

Hope to see you all on Thursday !