August 2007


That's the word that comes to my mind when I think of ALL the things I have to share with you this month. 

And is what you'll probably be thinking when you get done reading this Peace By Piece Quilters newsletter! Read on to find out what's been goin' on.



Well...First I gotta tell ya about the Christmas In July Kit Bee we had on July 25th. The plan for the day was to make kits using the piles and piles of Holiday fabric from the Peace By Piece Quilters stash. Of course, the kit bee was a BIG success cuz the Peace By Piece Quilter volunteers are the best! By the end of the day we had 28 child size Holiday kits! AND some volunteers were so inspired by ALL that cheery Holiday fabric that they tucked some of it under their arm and headed home to make even MORE Holiday kits. At least another 8 kits have been added to the pile as a result of all their homework! AND even though Denise couldn't come to the bee she wanted to get in on the kit making action so she's been busy makin' Holiday Preemie kits. You all know how much Denise loves those Preemies. 




We seem to have this reoccurring problem at the bees... It's those pesky and disobedient name tags! I try to be diligent about making sure everyone gets a nametag on but they just don't stay on! I've bought several different kinds and for some reason none of them are STICKY enough to stay where we put them. In an attempt to kept them on our shirts we put pins through them but then you get an occasional "attention getting" pin stick. Ouch! Peace By Piece Quilter, Janet, came up with a solution! She brought ALL the supplies to make REAL nametags, ones we can use over and over again. And the best part is... they appeal to the quilters creative side. You can decorate your own with the cute colorful handprint stickers she also brought us! 






The Peace By Piece Quilters gallery page has been updated yet again with more NEW pictures for your viewing pleasure. These are pictures taken by the Peace By Piece Quilters summertime photographer, my granddaughter, at the most recent bee held in our new home at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks. There's a picture of some Peace By Piece Quilter volunteers standing in front of that awesome view we see out the windows as we sew. A couple of inside shots show us surrounded by beautiful and inspiring display quilts as we work. Ahhhhhh... what a great atmosphere for a quilter. 






 The Peace By Piece Quilters fabric fairy wanted me to let you know she's havin' a SALE. We all know and love her whimsical fabrics and now you can get some for your very own stash at a very good price! You'll find a link to the Fabric Faries website on the Peace By Piece Quilters "Favorite Links" page. Check out her "Specials" page for the great deals she has goin' on. You may also want to check out her newest lines of fabric, "Sugar Rush" and Tooling Around" on her "Fabric" page. 

Have FUN!










The July Peace By Piece Quilters bee at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks was only one day after the Christmas In July Kit Bee. Volunteers were still in Holiday mode from the day before and a few Holiday tops got sewn together. It was a good theme to be working on with the triple digit temperatures outside. That day we made a total 22 quilts. 16 Preemies and 6 child size. 



The last Peace By Piece Quilters bee held at Sally's Fabric on August 3 produced 16 quilts. 10 Preemie quilts and 6 Child size quilts. How do we make soooo many quilts in just one day?




I really do try to live by the motto that there is no UGLY FABRIC in the world. There are some, shall we say, less than GREAT fabrics out there. At some point in time someone will always think a particular fabric is GREAT. They take it home with a grand project in mind. Then, a few years later, they find that GREAT fabric in the bottom of a bucket and realize that grand project is never going to make it out of the bucket. So they donate that GREAT fabric to a worthy cause... us. And that piece of fabric doesn't look so GREAT to me. Some of the Peace By Piece Quilter volunteers are probably tired of hearing me complain about the fabric that I think is less than GREAT. Well, fear no more! I've found a GREAT new home for all that GREAT fabric. I've sent it off to a Project Linus group in my home town of West Virginia. They thought is was GREAT and have already sewn some of it into quilts for kids in their community. GREAT STUFF!





 At the writing of this newsletter the annual Arizona Blankets 4 Kids Quilt Camp is in progress. It is hosted by the Cutting Edge Quiltworks quilt shop. The camp is held in the cool mountains of Prescott, AZ. The perfect getaway from the summer heat. I hope to have a full report for you in the next newsletter.



For a humorous looking project check out this sewing machine Terry found on Ebay.

The 2006 Quilting In America survey results are in.        Check it out at:

AND... Speaking of surveys, I've added a cute survey involving children to the Peace By Piece Quilters "Fun Stuff" page. It's called 'What is the meaning of Love'.

While your surfing around the Peace By Piece Quilters web site visit the "Recipes" page for the latest cool addition to that page. Look for the 'Ice Cream Torte' under the "Dessert" section.  

On The QT quilt shop in Gilbert is closing their store front and becoming a web only based business. They will have a ONE WEEK Liquidation Sale beginning September 8th. Sounds like a "Shop till ya Drop" Event.   

Last but not least:  Have you ever wondered about what the icons on your computer do when you are away? A hidden camera captured this action: 





There are so many nice people in our community that have helped the Peace By Piece Quilters in our mission to make blankets for kids. It is not unusual for us to arrive at the days bee location to find a bag of donated goods waiting for us. We've received yards and even bolts of fabric, bags of thread, batting, even pieced tops and completed quilts. Some people have even donated items to be given as door prizes and snacks for volunteers. I would like to personally Thank each and every person who has donated but often times the donations are anonymous. So I'm asking the Peace By Piece Quilter volunteers to please collect and give me the names and addresses of anyone who has made donations in the past or receives donations from anyone in the future so I may send them a proper Thank You card.



The next Cutting Edge Quiltworks bee is scheduled for Thursday, August 23. We will be continuing to work on some of those Holiday kits. Those will keep us feeling cool. To make us feel well fed at lunch time Becca has promised to bring us some yummy sandwiches for lunch. Mmmmm...GOOD.   

This month we have a longer than normal break between bees. The Sally's Fabric bee will be on Friday, September 7, two weeks after the Cutting Edge bee. We will continue to work on a few of those feel cool Holiday quilts.

Piecefully Yours,

~Wanda Dix~