December, 2015


Don't you love to see quilts and projects other quilters have made?  Doesn't it inspire you to make something different, or colorful, or useful, or pretty...  Last year we had a Volunteer Show n' Tell  and it was awesome.  So we're going to do it again this year!  You know, to get you inspired... to spend some quality time with your stash. The BIGGER the Show n' Tell the better.  If every volunteer brings just one thing to share it will be a whole lotta inspiration.  So bring something to show, and tell us about it too, cuz every quilt has a story.





Well, we did it again... The annual potluck was awesome.  There was a LOT of food.  I think some people must have brought more than one thing to share cuz there were many tasty dishes to satisfy our taste buds.  Not only can ya all sew you can also cook up a batch of goodness.  Mmmm



While we are on the subject of YUMMY food check this out.  Diane W. shared some really good FUDGE with us recently and clicking HERE will get you to her secret recipe.
It's like a special gift!  ENJOY!



           BEE REPORT       




During the November bee...    

~ There was a FREE table with lots of treasures.
We completed a total of 71 quilts!  Of those 71 quilts 22 were Christmas themed.  That should be the end of our Holiday quilts for this year unless a few stragglers come in.
~ The raffle items raised $89.
  24 tops were sewn together.

What you'll find at the December bee...   

~ We will be having a very special Show n' Tell (see paragraph 1).
~ There is a stack of quilts layered and ready for quilting/tying.
~ Volunteers will find a large pile of quilts ready for binding and labels.
~ The cutting station has 34 kit-kits waiting to be cut into kits.
~ There are currently 48 tops in the Piece by Peace closet waiting to be quilted.
~ Duke's mom will NOT be taking pet bed scraps (see next paragraph).







Hi everyone.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  Ours was quiet, but nice. Mom's been working on the shelter pet beds and will probably be making a run in a week or so.  She doesn't need any scraps this month cuz there are still lots and lots waiting for her to use up. We all had a good time sniffing the bags as she brought them outside in the nice, cool air.  We have more fun when she's able to sit on the back patio to sew/stuff the pillows.  She has also been working on her Peace by Piece homework and has a few quilts finished.  Guess that's all for now.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Puppy hugs & kisses from Duke & Friends.






For those of you who make New Year's resolutions, you may find the following useful:

I WILL NOT stuff fabric in every available crevice in my house.

I WILL finish one project before I start on the next.

I WILL NOT let my fabric stash room become a hard-hat area.

I WILL NOT turn my kitchen/dining room table into a permanent cutting table.

I WILL NOT open a separate bank account and credit card to hide my fabric purchases from my husband.

I WILL NOT attend quilt shows solely to visit the vendor malls.

I DO NOT have to use every single JoAnn’s 40% off coupon.

I WILL ONLY shop sales if there is something I absolutely need.

I WILL NOT stay up all night quilting.

I WILL NOT let my quilting distract me from cleaning house and making dinner.

I WILL NOT buy every quilt book and quilt magazine known to humankind.

I WILL NOT disguise my uncut fabric lengths as curtains, sheets, bedspreads, tablecloths or square dancing skirts.

I WILL wash, measure, label, iron, fold and organize every piece of fabric in my stash.

I WILL NOT make promises that I cannot keep.

—Author Unknown



Benjamin, Says 'Grace' Before Christmas Lunch

The whole family bowed their heads in preparation. He began his prayer, thanking God for all his friends, naming them one by one. Then he thanked God for Mummy, Daddy, brother, sister, Grannie, Grampy, and all his aunts and uncles. Benjamin then began to thank God for the food.

He gave thanks for the turkey, the chipolatas, the cranberry sauce, the bread sauce, the Christmas pudding, the Yule log, the roast potatoes and even the brandy butter. Benjamin paused, and everyone waited .....and waited.

After a long silence, he looked up at his mother and asked, 'If I thank God for the Brussels sprouts, won't he know that I'm lying?'




AZB4K starts the new year out with two bees scheduled in January.  On Friday, January 8, 2016 their 1st bee will be held at 250 S Tomahawk Rd. in Apache Junction, AZ.  It will be hosted by the Weavers Needle group.  And on Saturday, January 23 they will be at 701 S. Dobson Rd. in Mesa.  For more information about these bees visit the AZB4K website at








Peace By Piece Quilters


The last Peace by Piece Quilters bee of 2015 will be held on Thursday, December 3rd.  

There will NOT be a FREE table at the bee this month cuz we just had one last month
And we are NOT be accepting pet bed scraps this month (see Duke's Corner).


 Make memories this Holiday season.

  ~Wanda Dix~