February/March, 2018




Thank you to all who donated items to the Mission del Sol/Kyrene Foundation Hygiene Drive.  You all made our presence in the drive successful.
The Peace by Piece Quilters participation in this drive is our way of thanking them for allowing us to use their space every month free of charge.
For those of you that wanted to participate but did not have the opportunity, the church is still accepting donations.




In January a group of volunteers got together for a two day SCRAP EVENT.  The first day ALL of the Peace by Piece Quilters  precut scrap was sorted by size and color/theme.  On the second day they put kits together working with only 6 inch squares.  At the end of the event they had completed 54 kits.  You'll be seeing those kits at upcoming bees for the next few months. 




Please update your calendar to show this years June bee will be held on the 14th instead of the 7th.  The church will be using Mission Hall for their Youth Urban Mission on our normally scheduled bee date.



Sometimes you can find happiness in a subway train.  
One such magical moment was captured when a Belgian advertising agency working for Coca-Cola hired an actor to randomly start laughing on the train.   
With the tagline “Happiness starts with a smile”– their new ad aims to bring a bit of joy to everyone’s day. Just watch and we dare you not to let out a small giggle, too! 

Enjoy !!  



              BEE REPORT     


During the January bee...

~ 32 tops were sewn together.
We  completed 33 quilts.
~ Raffle items raised a total of $57.

At the February bee...

~ 31 tops were sewn together.
We  completed 67 quilts.
~ Raffle items raised a total of $33.

What you will find at the March bee...

~ The kit-kit station is overflowing with new kit-kits waiting to be cut into easy to sew kits.
~ The kit basket is over flowing with freshly made kits.
~ As always there will be a collection of tops waiting to be layered and quilted/tied.
~ 129 quilt tops are in the Peace by Piece stash closet waiting to be quilted. 
~ There will be a FREE table this month.  Bring any quilting related items you have that need a new home.  Be sure to make time during the day to peruse all the orphaned goodies for stuff that needs to go home with you.




   The motorcyclist who stopped to help an old woman cross the street safely.









Peace By Piece Quilters


At the Peace by Piece Quilters  bee on March 1. 

There WILL be a FREE table so bring your quilting items that need a new home.

We WILL be accepting pet beds this month.
Pet bed covers WILL be available for you to stuff with your scraps.
Please note, we will NO longer accept scraps for pet beds.  We WILL accept heavy duty fabrics, such as upholstery fabric, for pet bed covers.

Click on the Shamrock below to send your homework and special requests to me.  Requests must be received by Tuesday at 9am.

Spread Kindness!