February 2005


Last month was our first bee of the year and we got the New Year off to a GREAT start. At the end of the day we counted 15 quilts !!!!!!  There were 8 preemie blankets and 7 crib size quilts. We spent the day working our fingers as fast as our mouths. Yak. Yak. Yak. The New Year brought 4 new friends to help us for the day. All 4 ladies are very talented and jumped right in to help make our day so successful. Maybe we didnít scare them off with all the yakking and hard work so they will come and spend the day with us again





On January 29th, just two days after our Peace by Piece bee, the AZ Blankets 4 Kids bee committee held their first bee of the year. The quilting group out at Las Palmas Grand hosted the bee. About 45 volunteers were there to sew and Yak. Yak. Yak. At the end of the bee there was a total of 267 quilts ready to be delivered to area agencies! Now thatís a lot of quilts! There were 205 crib/large quilts and 62 preemie blankets. 190 of them were brought to the bee by volunteers already completed and 77 were actually completed at the bee.   



Just a reminder that the AZ Blankets 4 Kids board is currently giving you the opportunity to win a gorgeous blue and white queen size quilt for the mere price of only $1.00 per chance. To see a picture of the quilt and find out how to get your chance to be the winner log onto their website at www.azblankets4kids.com  


The greatest event of the year took place last weekend and I didnít see any of you there. Iím talking about the annual White Elephant Auction put on by the Sunrise Village Quilters. The ladies at Sunrise Village are where I got the inspiration to start Peace by Piece. They are some great ladies that do the same thing we doÖ Get together once a month to make blankets and Yak. Yak. Yak. They have been doing this a lot longer than we have and they figured out that the best way for them to raise money for supplies is to hold an auction once a year.  It is such a fun time, we spend as much time laughing as we do bidding. But in the midst of all the fun we do get some serious bidding done. This year they raised over $3200!!!!!!!! My husband came home with a memento of the dayÖ A 20+ pound ball of YARN! I canít take him anywhere. This group is sooooo generous that they share the wealth of the day with others. They not only shared monies raised with the AZ Blankets 4 Kids board but also with us. They gave us $300 to use for needed supplies!!!!! Their generosity overwhelms me.  




Peace by Piece is a really good name and Iíve decided we should spread it around, get it out there in PRINT. So, drum rollÖ Iíve ordered fabric labels! Printed on them will be ďPeace by Piece QuiltersĒ. We are going to sew them on the quilts along with the AZ Blankets 4 Kids labels. Isnít that going to be way cool!  Iím hoping they show up in my mailbox in time for our next bee.  


Ya gotta know if youíre getting this newsletter that means itís time for another Peace by Piece bee. Weíre at the same place, CraftMart. At the same time, 10:00. Doiní the same thing, YAK. YAK. YAK. Oh, no, thatís not rightÖ Sewing, thatís it. And haviní FUN. Yeah. See ya there this Thursday, February 24th. Iíll be bringiní plenty of work to keep us busy. And of course, there will be DOOR PRIZES and something sweet to eat.