February 2009


'Time flies when you're havin' fun.' Shouldn't it be... Time flies when you're busy AND havin' fun? Time is REALLY flying by for me because I've been busy havin' FUN! I mean, February just flew by. It's over...Already! 




 We go through life wearing many different hats. Most people I know have several hats. Some of the hats that I wear are a sister hat, daughter hat, wife hat, mother hat, grandmother hat, quilter hat and friend hat. Lately the hat that I seem to wear most is my volunteer hat. On the day of our 

February bee at 35th Ave Sew & Vac I had two really BIG volunteer hats to wear. My bee hat and my Arizona Quilters Guild Board hat. It turns out that my Board hat, which I always wear on Wednesdays, was on my calendar before the 35th Ave bee got moved to that Wednesday instead of the usual Thursday. Sooo... I didn't get to spend much time at the bee that day. A BIG thanks goes out to Nina who stepped in and made the bee run smoothly.



Every once in a while my body plays host to a laboratory experiment of GERMS and that's what it was doing on the day of our February bee at the Cutting Edge. So I opted to keep the laboratory at home that day instead of sharing my GERMS with  

everyone.  Terry took over the enjoyment of making sure all the bee tasks got done. She reported that all the volunteers were well trained an well behaved. And I would have to add that they are also very thoughtful cuz when all the bee supplies made it back to the PBP closet I found a very nice Get Well card signed by all the bee goers. Thanks guys! 

It brightened my day.             


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Some of the Peace By Piece Quilters are still working on their Mystery quilts. Hopefully they will all be finished up soon so we can post pictures of all the awesome results on our 'Gallery' page.



Last month I told you about Peace By Piece Quilter, Bonnie. Bonnie is our World Traveler who is always visiting some other part of the world. Earlier this month I received an email from Bonnie, saying she was in Fiji. Bonnie shared a few of her adventures in the e-mail and I heard she shared many more during the last bee at Cutting Edge.




35th AVE SEW & VAC

 The February bee at 35th Ave Sew and Vac produced 15 Preemie blankets and 22 Child/Teen size quilts. 37 quilts in all. That's a lotta quilts!


The Peace By Piece Quilters bee at the Cutting Edge was on February 19. Volunteers finished a total of 23 quilts. There were 10 Preemie blankets and 13 Child/Teen size quilts made. 





Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

~Lisa Marie~


The 2009 Arizona Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show is March 12, 13 & 14 at Mesa Convention Center. Check www.azquiltersguild.org for more information.  



Arizona Blankets for Kids has an upcoming bee scheduled for March 6 hosted by the Weavers Needle group in Apache Junction. Sunland Springs Village in Mesa will host a bee on April 4. Check the AZB4K website at www.azblankets4kids.com for all of their upcoming bee information. You'll also want to check their 'What's New' page for the latest AZB4K Newsletter.


Peace By Piece Quilters


Thursday, March 5 is our next quilting bee held at 35th Ave Sew and Vac.

Then we have a bee scheduled at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks on Thursday, March 19.

See ya at the Bee!

~Wanda Dix~