February, 2013

In January the Peace by Piece Quilters donated this queen size quilt to Mission del Sol Church.  The church will sell raffle tickets for the quilt during their annual Super Flea to help raise funds for this years missions.  The pieced top came to us as a donation from an anonymous donor.  Members of our group enlarged the top to a more pleasing size by adding the black and green borders.  Terry (and her longarm) applied the magic of professional quilting stitches and Nina finished it off with a binding.  Once again the awesome volunteers of the Peace by Piece Quilters came together to make the world a better place.




Normally our bees are held on the 1st Thursday of the month, but in February the church is very busy during that week setting up for their annual Super Flea (see paragraph #1).  The space that they so generously allow us to use is transformed into a shopping haven filled with thousands of items.  Soooo.... our February bee will bee held the following week on Thursday, February 14th.  February 14th is a SPECIAL kinda day and someone suggested that we make it a SPECIAL kinda bee by having a POTLUCK that day.  Soooo... if you'd like to bring a SPECIAL dish to share with all the SPECIAL people that will be there it will truly be a SPECIAL day.  Plates, napkins and eating utensils will be provided.







The Peace by Piece Quilters January bee was attended by 20 volunteers.  We completed 14 quilts and 22 tops.  The raffle items raised $60 dollars for our batting fund!  At the end of the bee we had on hand 5 kit-kits, 13 kits and over 100 tops waiting to be quilted.  Those numbers indicate that we will not have enough kit-kits and kits to keep everyone busy making tops.  Kathy H and I will be putting some kit-kits together this week so if you like to cut please plan to spend some time cutting kits.  With over 100 tops waiting to be quilted we will have a tying station set up if you don't want to bring a machine this could be an excellent task to take on.  And, of course, if you want to practice your quilting skills there will be plenty of quilts available to work on.





In honor of Arizona's 100th Birthday...

The only place in the country where mail is 
delivered by mule is the village of Supai , located at the bottom of 
the Grand Canyon .
 ~ ~ ~

Sweden is the only country that does not celebrate Valentine's Day.


 ~ ~ ~

Learned from dear ol' mom...

My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS...

  "Shut your mouth and eat your supper."







Click on the picture above to create and solve the jigsaw puzzle.

This quilt was donated by the Peace by Piece Quilters to Mission del Sol Church as a Thank You gift for their continued support of our group (see paragraph #1).


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AZB4K has a couple of bees scheduled.  You'll find them busy making blankets for kids on February 23 at La Hacienda RV Resort in Apache Junction and on March 22 bee fun will be held Palmas Del Sol in Mesa.  Check their website at  azblankets4kids.com for the exact bee locations.









Peace By Piece Quilters


Thursday, February 14 is the next Peace by Piece Quilters bee.  It's gunna be a SPECIAL day spent with SPECIAL people eating SPECIAL food and makin' SPECIAL quilts.

Happy Everything

~Wanda Dix~