January 2006

Happy New Year!!!

Well, here we are again...starting another New Year. Can you believe how fast they go by? A    New Year brings new possibilities and new goals. One goal that stays the same for me is making quilts to comfort children in crisis. I do hope that continues to be one of your goals also.



Old Goals, New Goals

Last year this time, as I sat writing the first Peace By Piece Newsletter of 2005 I wrote about my goal for Peace By Piece Quilters in 2005. That goal was to deliver 100 quilts to AZ Blankets 4 Kids. At the time it seemed like a pretty hefty goal considering the previous year we had only delivered 58 quilts to AZB4K. Well, guess what? The PEACE BY PIECE VOLUNTEERS  met that goal in a BIG way!!! In 2005 the Peace By Piece Quilters delivered a total of 270 quilts to AZB4K!!!   270 !   WOW! I never thought it was possible for us to make that many quilts in one year. Now it's time to make a NEW goal for the New Year. I don't know how we can top last year. What do ya think??? Should we shoot for 300 quilts in 2006?






Considering the average attendance at each bee is only 9 volunteers, 270 quilts in 10 months is pretty amazing. That's an average of 27 quilts per bee, and that's 3 quilts, per person, per bee. Not only is this a lot of quilts it's also a lot of math. But wait, there's more. In 10 bees (January thru October) we really only made 238 quilts. I know what you're thinking here, "WHAT is she talking about now?" Well... I could do all the math for you again, but I'm thinking you would rather have the simple explanation. Remember the message I sent out in November making you aware of the urgent plea I received from the AZB4K board asking for 300 quilts? With November not being one of our bee months I didn't know how we were going to be able to help them out. But when the Peace By Piece volunteers received my message they were knocking on my door ready to help. Kits were flying out the door and finished quilts were walking back in. And by December 1 we had 32 quilts ready to be delivered. It's NOT 300 but it was an effort you should be proud of!




At our first bee in 2006 we'll be concentrating on making Valentine themed quilts. Denise has been busy making pretty red, white and pink preemie kits for your sewing pleasure and I'll be bringing my BIG suitcase filled with heart covered red and white quilts layered and ready to be quilted. We will not be having another bee before Cupid's Day so we've got to get these quilts done at the January bee. And when we are done quilting hearts on all of Cupid's quilts we'll begin working on those green and white quilts for that Irish holiday in March. 










I stopped by Craftmart and had another wonderful visit with Pam (the classroom coordinator) and again she is offering their classroom space for us to use in 2006. The space is just perfect for our bees and their generosity is so appreciated. Have you checked out their web page lately. Click on this link: www.craftmartaz.com/quilterscorner/newsletterwinter.htm

for money saving coupons on your fabric purchases during the month of January. While your visiting the Craftmart web page you may also want to check out the Quilters Corner Newsletter for all the quilting classes they offer. Taking classes is always a FUN way to learn a new quilting technique or pattern and you make new friends too!




Recently an unassuming message arrived in my e-mail box. As I read it the laughter started to come. The more I read the harder I laughed, then tears of laughter started to flow. It was the funniest thing I've read in awhile... I had to spread the laughter by sharing it with a few friends. The friends responded saying it made them also laugh to the point of tears. Now, we've all heard those scientific studies that claim laughter is good for your health. I live by that claim and it is what prompted me to put a "Fun Stuff" page on the Peace By Piece web site. This is such a funny read that it needs to be shared with everyone. So before you get up from your chair go read the latest addition to the Fun Stuff page and LAUGH. It will be good for you!



The AZB4K winter bee held on January 7, 2006 at Sunland Springs Village in Apache Junction produced 185 blankets. The Spring bee is scheduled for February 11, 2006 at the Chandler Police Department. Please go to www.azblankets4kids.com for more bee information. For your reading pleasure check out their Winter 2005 Newsletter for all the AZB4K happenings. There's all kinds interesting tidbits to be found in their newsletter. For instance, from October 2004 to October 2005 AZB4K distributed 6,436 blankets to Arizona children. AND the total number of blankets delivered since conception is 24,511. Isn't it great to know you are a part of something so great. Go ahead, take a deep breath and SMILE. ahhhh





Our first bee for 2006 will be Thursday January 26 from 10 am until we get tired (around 3:00). And of course, Iíll have DOOR PRIZES and snacks. Last January I tried to respect all those volunteers with the New Years resolution to 'GO ON A DIET' by bringing sliced fruit. As I announced my offering of a low calorie snack I heard a voice from the corner say, "Who's on a Diet?!" So this January I'll be bringing a snack for all those volunteers NOT on a diet. I'm thinking something chocolate will do nicely. Remember we do have a page on the Peace By Piece web site where volunteers can share recipes. So if you have a recipe to share with your fellow Peace By Piece volunteers please let me know and we'll get it posted on the web site.



Looking forward to making comfort quilts with all of the generous Peace By Piece volunteers in 2006.