January 2008



Since the last Peace By Piece Quilters newsletter I hope you found yourself in the middle of a HAPPY Holiday Season! With everything that makes it FUN for you. For many of us the spirit of the Holiday Season brings us family visitors we haven't seen since last year this time (this year I got the brother-in-law). Lots of sweet treats and other good eats often show up during the Holidays (that caused me to gain 6 pounds!). The Holiday Season can also bring lots of wanted (and sometimes un-wanted) gifts to your life. The spirit of this Holiday Season brought the gift of a very generous donation to the Peace By Piece Quilters ! A gift SO generous... you're just not going to believe it! It has left me speechless... ME SPEECHLESS... Now, that's something else you just can't believe. I will be sharing all the details with you at our upcoming January bees. You really don't want to miss this !!!!

 You just don't know what Santa is going to look like, but when you see his spirit of generosity and kindness you know it.






 The Peace By Piece Quilters volunteers are the most generous people I know. In 2007 the Peace By Piece Quilters volunteers made 466 quilts for the Children in our communities that need a warm hug. 272 Preemie quilts and 194 Child size quilts made it out into the community through the loving and talented hands of volunteers with the spirit to give. Since the first Peace By Piece Quilters bee in April 2004 volunteers have made 1274 quilts!

That's a whole lotta sewin' goin' on !!! 





 During the November 15  bee, Nancy Blackburn, an AZB4K board member, presented the Peace By Piece Quilters  with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Children of Arizona for all those quilts you've been making. Check it out.



Sally's Fabrics will again welcome the Peace By Piece Quilters into their classroom in 2008 We've been added to the Sally's Fabrics event calendar for the entire year of 2008 beginning on January 4. As usual we will be holding our monthly bees at Sally's on the 1st of each month.







The awesome gals at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks have opened their doors and calendar to the Peace By Piece Quilters again and have invited us to use their sewing space for monthly bees in 2008. Our Peace By Piece Quilters/Cutting Edge monthly bees will be held in their lovely shop on the 4th of every month beginning January 24. 

Visit the "Calendar" page of this website to check the dates and mark your calendar for all the 2008 bee dates. Twice a month you will have a chance to surround yourself with fabric. They will even let you touch their fabric!





Arizona Blankets 4 Kids has two scheduled bees coming up. January 26 at Holiday Village in Mesa and February 23 at La Hacienda Resort in Apache Junction.

Please click the AZB4K link on the "Favorite Links" page of this website for all the details.



2006 brought a record 102,042 births in Arizona.

~ABC Channel 15 news~


I used to be with IT. But then they changed what with IT was. Now what I'm with isn't IT, and what's IT seems scary and weird.

~Abe Simpson/The Simpsons~





The next scheduled Peace By Piece Quilters bee is Friday January 4th at Sally's Fabrics. I'll be there at 10:00 to start the New Year doing the same thing we always do on the first Friday of the month. Make Quilts, have FUN, Make Quilts, visit with old friends and make new friends, Make Quilts, eat chocolate, Make Quilts, laugh, Make Quilts, and at the end of the day your heart will be full of good feelings.

We'll do it all again at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks on Thursday, January 24.


It's no fun without you, it's also true that without you there would be no Peace By Piece Quilters.  


Happy Quilting!

~Wanda Dix~