July 2005

Dog Days of Summer

According to Webster we are in the Dog Days of Summer, defined as the time period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather causes a period of inactivity. That definition pretty much explains the way things have been for the last couple of weeks. But we can't let that stop us from havin' a BEE!

Activity vs. Inactivity

Last month we were so active at our bee that we completed 18 quilts! Yahoo! The activity didn't stop when the bee was over. There were too many Peace By Piece tasks that needed to be done. Even if we are experiencing the Dog Days of Summer it was no time to be inactive! There's quilts to be layers, kits to be made, labels to be ordered. We've even been busy doing some web site construction!


The Quilts Are Layered...

As usual, I have TWO trunks with quilts layered and waiting for your quilting pleasure. You know all those quilt tops you wonderful volunteers made last month? And the ones that people dropped off during our bee? Well, they are all layered and ready for us to quilt.

The Kits Are Made...

Does it seem like the basket of quilt kits has no bottom to it? It's because after every bee more kits get made and put into the basket to take the place of the ones that you all rescued from the basket. The fabric gets cut up into little pieces and the Peace By Piece volunteers take those little pieces and help them grow from little pieces of fabric into quilt tops. It does seem like a volunteers work is never done!

The Labels Are Ordered...

Last month we sewed our last Peace By Piece label on a little quilt. An order has been placed for 100 new labels. There was a communication breakdown between the person doing the ordering and the person making the labels so the labels haven't arrived yet. The label maker has promised the labels will be delivered before the next Peace By Piece Bee.

And The Rubber Stamp...

Last month we discussed options for getting our Peace By Piece name on those little preemie quilts without sewing on a BIG label. We decided to try stamping the Peace By Piece name on with permanent ink. The rubber stamp has been ordered and I expect delivery by bee time!

The Web Site...

The Peace By Piece web site has finally come to life! For your viewing pleasure go to www.peacebypiecequilters.org. It doesn't have a lot of fluff but it does contain a lot of information. Check it out and let us know what you think.

The Perfect Capri Fabric Update

For everyone that attended last months Peace By Piece Bee read on for an update on my search for the Perfect Capri Fabric. Last month I showed you a sample of fabric that I was in search of because it was perfect for a pair of capri pants. One helpful volunteer located a bolt of this fabric within the CraftMart fabric department. I did bring enough of it home with me to make capri's. I haven't yet had the time to make said capris due to all my quilting duties. Hopefully I'll get in some capri sewing time before our bee.



I'm sure you've figured out by now that it's bee time again! I hope your calendar is marked, Thursday July 28 from 10a til 3p in the CraftMart store located at Alma School and Warner in Chandler. The quilts ready to be quilted will be there. The quilt kits will be there. Hopefully the labels will be there. And I'll be there in my new capri pants with CHOCOLATE and DOOR PRIZES!


See Ya At The Bee!