July 2007



As most of you know my computer had a hardware meltdown in June preventing me from writing a newsletter that month. Maybe it just couldn't deal with those triple digit temperatures. Our webmaster was workin' a whole lotta overtime to get us up and running again. He tried explaining the problem to me but it just sounded like he was speaking Swahili. The part I did understand was that he was able to save ALL the Peace By Piece Quilters files. We are back on line and have a lotta catching up to do. 




Even though there was no Peace By Piece Quilters Newsletter for the month of June that doesn't mean there wasn't a lotta work goin' on around here. Since our last newsletter there's been 4 bees! Those 4 Peace By Piece Quilters  bees produced a total of 75 quilts!! That's a whole lotta quiltin' goin' on ! 



Well, it's kinda old news now... but it's still pretty BIG. (insert drum roll here) We've found an awesome NEW home for our 4th Thursday of the month bees. Yep, we really really did. Those bees are now held at the new and improved Cutting Edge Quiltworks quilt shop in Chandler. I'm sure you've shopped at the old Cutting Edge shop, but if you haven't checked out their new location you gotta check it out. It's BIGGER and has lots more fabric and a refreshing view of water through the wall of windows in the class room area. You'll find directions on how to get there on the Peace By Piece Quilters maps page.




(Boys & Girls Club/Multigenerational Center)

And so the Peace By Piece Quilters have said goodbye to the Westside Center. Our last bee at that facility was held on May 24. That bee produced 5 Preemie quilts and 9 Child size quilts. We appreciate the Westside Center for giving us a place to sew every month but it was time to move on.  


There has been 2 Peace By Piece Quilters bee at Sally's Fabric since our last newsletter. The June bee produced 10 Preemie quilts and 13 Child size quilts. And our July bee produced 9 Preemie quilts and 7 Child size quilts. In all the Peace By Piece Quilters made 39 quilts during those 2 bees.


The first Peace By Piece Quilters bee in our new home was held at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks on June 28. It was a grand day.   Lots of volunteers came to sew and visitors stopped by to say HI. We had lots of room to spread out. Donuts and Chocolate Truffles were enjoyed by everyone (and worn by some). Just about everyone spent a little time shopping or at least touching the bolts of fabric. The nearby restaurants offered a variety of good food for lunch. AND we made quilts! 13 Preemies and 9 Child size.





 The Peace By Piece Quilters fabric fairy has donated another LARGE pile of fabric scraps to help us with our mission. As always, it's all really cute and inspiring. My husband again asked, "What are you gunna do with all this fabric?" And I always give him the same answer, "MAKE QUILTS!"   










When it gets this HOT in the valley of the sun I just can't bring myself to spend much time in the kitchen in front of a HOT stove. I do still have to put my chef's hat on but I try not to turn the stove on.  For you I've added one of my favorite summertime recipes to the recipes page. Broccoli Salad. It requires absolutely NO cooking time at the stove. While you're on the recipes page you may want to revisit the other salad recipes, they are all really good and none of them require any cooking. Well, except for the bacon that goes on the Cauliflower salad. 






The gallery page has been updated with NEW pictures for your viewing pleasure. These are pictures taken by my granddaughter at the most recent bees held at both Sally's Fabrics and the Cutting Edge Quiltworks. So if you've been to a bee lately there might be a picture of you on the Gallery page. 

Check it out!






 The Cutting Edge Quiltworks quilt shop is hosting an Arizona Blankets 4 Kids Quilt Camp during the weekend of August 17,18 & 19. The camp will be held in the cool mountains of Emmanuel Pines Church Camp in Prescott, AZ. There's still 5 or 6 openings available. If you would like more information about Quilt Camp or want to register contact the gals at the Cutting Edge Quilt Shop. 




Every quilter knows you have to start your Holiday projects early. SO... on July 25th we are having a Peace By Piece Quilters "Christmas In July" Kit bee. MARK YOUR CALENDAR and plan to attend. We are going to spend the day making Holiday quilt kits for the upcoming Holiday season. The kit bee will be held at my home starting at 10:00am and we'll go till we're tired. ALL supplies will be provided, even lunch. Give me a call 480-755-0757 if you need directions. 



The next Cutting Edge Quiltworks bee is scheduled for Thursday, July 26. 

Sally's Fabric bee will be on Friday, August 3. 

As usual I'll have plenty of fabric for your sewing pleasure and a sweet snack to please the taste buds.

~Wanda Dix~