July 2009




The population here in the Valley of the Sun diminishes during the hot summer months as many people escape the triple digit temperatures. Several Peace By Piece Quilters have hit the road, and airways, to visit cooler climates. Adventures have included visits to places far and near. Doreen visited Sisters, Oregon to see their famous quilt show, Jackie is currently touring the country in an RV, our World Traveler, Bonnie, has been to Cambodia and Singapore, Janet is currently on an adventure to destinations unknown, Linda went to Sin City, Jo is spending the summer bonding with her grandkids, Ellie is in Australia, I went to view the annual NQA Quilt Show in Columbus, Ohio and also managed to visit with the Project Linus gals in West Virginia.






A visit with the Project Linus gals in West Virginia was an inspiring one. The gals gave a Show n Tell of huge piles of quilts they have made from the fabrics we send them. These gals truly work miracles with the fabric. Every quilts was awesome and will be well loved by their new owners. This group works very differently than we do. They meet once a month but don't sew! It's just a day to drop off and collect fabric. They drop off the quilts they have each made during the month and collect fabrics that will be sewn into quilts during the next month at their homes. They use their own patterns and make each quilt from start to finish. Their quilts don't find new homes immediately like ours do but are stored until a County wide event is held. The event is called a 'Baby Shower' and area organizations come a pick the quilts they want and need. Pictures of my visit have been added to the 'Gallery' page.





On the 'Gallery' page you will also find a few new pictures taken at one of our own bees. These ones just showed up in my e-mailbox one day! Gosh, I guess cameras have been busy lately.






At the last Peace By Piece Quilters bee a proud young mother, Christine, came and sewed with us. She was on a mission to make Preemie blankets. You see, 18 months ago she gave birth to twin boys. During their stay in the NICU she was given a Preemie blanket for each baby provided by AZB4K. Today the boys are happy, healthy little boys and those little blankets are still in their lives.






All of the Peace By Piece Quilters unusable scraps are past along to Bonnie. She also works with a group that makes beds for rescued animals living in Animal Shelters while waiting to be adopted. Recently an animal member of our family has misplaced himself so I've made many, many visits to all of the area animal shelters in hopes of finding him. My visits have seen many animals enjoying the comfort of these beds made and donated by caring people.






The Peace By Piece Quilters 'It just Kinda Happened Book Club' is ongoing and books can be exchanged once per month at the 35th Ave bees. So if you've read a book from the book club bring it to exchange. They are all good books!  





35th AVE SEW & VAC

 The 35th Ave Sew and Vac July bee was another very productive day. A total of 34 quilts were completed. 15 little Preemie blankets and 19 Child/Teen size quilts were done by the end of the day. Some of us did work on those cool Holiday quilts.


The Cutting Edge bee in June also finished a great number of quilts. The total for the day was 40 quilts! There were 16 Preemie blankets and 24 Child/Teen size quilts made. Nina and Linda spent the day decreasing the size of the Peace By Piece Quilters scrap pile with the shops AccuCutter. Lots of fabric was cut and kits made for future bee sewing. 



The COOL July Kit Bee had everyone making Holiday themed kits. There were piles of Holiday fabric waiting to become part of a COOL kit. Two new patterns were introduced for 36 inch square quilts. These new patterns are easy to cut and really easy to sew. We filled the kit basket with 16 Child/Teen kits and 5 Preemie kits. Denise spent the day keeping the longarm busy making the 'To Be Quilted' pile smaller and offering longarm lessons to any one that was interested in taking the machine on a test drive. During a lunch break we had sandwiches from Jason's Deli, Linda brought potato salad and chips, and Terry brought cookies to share. Of course, there was dessert... a refreshing chilled caked infused with berries. 





A hundred years from now, it will not matter what your bank account was, the sort of house you lived in, or the kind of car you drove. But the world may be different because of a kind act you made towards one child.

Teamwork isn't a part-time activity...                                    each member represents the team at all times.                 ~Scott Beare & Michael McMillan~



The next Arizona Blankets for Kids annual Quilt Camp is scheduled for August 14, 15, and 16. This is a COOL annual event held in Prescott and enjoyed by all who attend. For more information about this years camp and to save yourself a space contact Kitty at the Cutting Edge or any AZB4K Board member. The next AZB4K bee is scheduled for October 17 at the Chandler Police Department.  Check the AZB4K website at www.azblankets4kids.com for information on all of their upcoming event. 


Peace By Piece Quilters


Thursday, August 6th we'll be at 35th Ave Sew and Vac in Chandler for a day of sewing. There will be cheerful Holiday quilts to work on that will bring a smile to your face.

And then we'll be at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks on Thursday, August 20th for another day of sewing and sharing.

Come and warm your heart.

~Wanda Dix~