July 2011




  The Mission del Sol Presbyterian Church has invited the Peace by Piece Quilters to hold a bee at their facility on August 4th.  Mark your calendar on this date as a bee NOT TO BE MISSED.  Let's make this our BIGGEST bee ever to show the church how much we appreciate being giving this opportunity.  The church is located at 1565 E Warner Road in Tempe (it is just west of McClintock Drive).  They are making Mission Hall available to us.  Some of you were at this exact spot in November for a trunk show and presentation by Eleanor Burns witty sister, Patty Knoechel.  As usual, the bee will begin at 10:00 and go until 4:00.  Go to the Maps page of this website to find an interactive Google map for the Church location & directions.  













These two pet beds were a joint effort between Nina and myself.  Nina made the 'Really Cool Man' tie-dyed covers and I filled them with scraps.  They were passed along to my shelter volunteering daughter and when she delivered them to AZ Rescue Sophia claimed the fluffiest one.  Sophia found a fluffy bed to call her own but she is still looking for some nice people to call her own. 


  Please bring your scraps to our next bee.  Mary B  will drop them off to a neighbor who makes animal beds for other area shelters.  









During our June bee we completed 34 quilts and 18 tops.  At the end of the day we had 31 kits left.  Linda and Carolyn dropped by this week and brought a total of 22 kits to help replenish the kit basket.  Leslie and I have been putting some Kit-Kits together and we have managed to increase the supply to 51. The Peace by Piece closet currently has 55 tops waiting to be quilted.  






A statistician made a few calculations and discovered that since the birth of our nation more lives had been lost in celebrating independence than in winning it.  

~Curtis Billings    


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Jell-O “ America ’s Most Famous Dessert”.  Was developed in 1845 by Peter Cooper.  It wasn’t well received by consumers.  In 1897, Pearle Wait, experimented with the formula and came up with Fruit Flavors.  Four flavors. Orange , Lemon, Strawberry, and Raspberry.  Pearle lacked the capital to market his product and sold the formula to business man Orator Frank Woodward for $450 in 1899.  Orator was also unsuccessful in making Jell-O profitable and sold his whole blankety-blank business for $35 to Sam Nico of Genesee Pure Foods.  In 1900 the Jell-O marketing campaign began and in 1902 Jell-O sales mounted to $250,000.


The people of Salt Lake City consume more lime flavored gelatin than any other city in the United States .  Lime flavored Jell-O was introduced in 1930.




A new feature has been added to our website.  It's a collection of our patterns.  Some of these patterns are old favorites and others are new additions to our group.  Please use them anytime you wish to create a quilt for charitable purposes.  Keep and eye on the pattern page as it is my goal to add new patterns from time to time.  For more patterns visit the pattern page on the AZB4K website.



MORE challenging

LESS challenging




Here is this months puzzle. This quilt was  made by Peace by Piece volunteer Terry.  It is the result of a class she took several years ago.  The quilt has been living in a closet since it was completed and Terry decided it was time to give it a home.  This month the puzzle has two versions.  A MORE challenging one and a LESS challenging one.  Click on the picture of the challenge level you feel up to and you'll be taken to the puzzle.  If doing this puzzle is not enough puzzling for you more puzzles can be found at www.jigsawplanet.com . You will also find the link on our Links page.  But beware puzzling is almost as addictive as quilting!









Remember this quilt from last months newsletter?  It was used as an online jigsaw puzzle for those of us that like a challenge.  Everyone at last months bee thought these chickens were fun enough to place them on eBay as a fundraiser.  Mary B. used her web expertise to get it posted on eBay and it sold for $60.  


~ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ ~






The AZB4K annual Summer Quilt Camp is just around the corner.  It is scheduled for August 12-14.  This camp is a joint effort between AZ Blankets 4 Kids and Cutting Edge Quilts.  It is held in the cool pines of Prescott AZ at Emmanuel Pines Church Camp.

The AZB4K Fall Bee will be held on October 15 in Chandler on 250 E. Chicago St at the Police Department.

Check the AZB4K website at www.azblankets4kids.com for more details of these events and all the latest blanket information. 







Peace By Piece Quilters


Our next sewing bee will be Thursday, July 21 at Cutting Edge Quilts.  There will be a suitcase full of kits to sew, several ready for binding and a couple layered and waiting to be tied or quilted.  We will also have some kit-kits that need to be cut and several ready to be layered.  Please let me know if you would like any special supplies for homework projects like batting or backing.  If you would like some homework to quilt/tie Just send me an email by Wednesday afternoon and  know how many you want and I'll get everything gathered up for you.


Happy Quilting.

~Wanda Dix~