July/August, 2015



Just because we didn't have our regular bee in July doesn't mean the Peace by Piece Quilters haven't been busy!  There has been 4 kit bees since our last regular bee.

The first two bees were held to put Holiday fabrics together with patterns making kit-kits.  Volunteers made a total of 77 Kit-kits!  15 are Halloween and 62 are Christmas.

The next two bees were cutting bees, to get all those kit-kits cut for the sewers to sew during our upcoming bees.  All 15 Halloween and 39 Christmas kits are cut and ready to be sewn.

GIGANTIC  THANK YOU  goes out to the 13 devoted volunteers who participated in these bees so we can be successful in our mission to provide hospitals with these special quilts during the holiday season.





At the June bee...

~ We completed 55 quilts.
~ 7 new tops were made and now ready to be quilted or tied.
~ The raffle items raised $56.

Speaking of raffle items... In June the winning ticket was drawn for the awesome Ott light that has been on the raffle table for a few month.  Linda M. was the lucky winner!  She is very happy with it and has a picture to share with us of it in its new home.  Looks like it is lighting up her sewing table nicely.

FYI... The Ott light raffle raised a total of $164. towards our batting fund.
A HUGE Thank You goes out to everyone who participated in this raffle. 

As we get ready for the August bee...

~ There are currently 45 tops in the Piece by Peace closet waiting to be quilted.
 ~ For the August bee we have 39 Christmas & 15 Halloween kits ready to be sewn into tops.
~  Cutting station volunteers will start the day with 6 Holiday kit-kits to cut.
~  Two quilts are ready for binding and 6 waiting for labels.
~  There will be a pile of tops layered and ready for quilting or tying.

Due to the HUGE success of the Ott light raffle we will be starting another large item raffle at the August bee.  Hold on to your seat cuz we're raffling... 

A Brand new chair!
This chair was donated by Monica Croom of Awesome Artisan Quilts.  Monica provides,
"Longarm machine quilting services for quilters who enjoy piecing quilt tops, but don't have the time it takes to finish their quilts by hand!"  In the past Monica has quilted quilts for Peace by Piece.  Many of you may remember Monica visiting us recently to talk about, and receive a donation quilt from us, for her work with Jacob's Journey House.  You can find an article about her visit in our February 2015 newsletter.







Hello everyone, Duke here:  Our summer has been so much fun with water play outside, playing "hall ball" when it's too hot to play outside and the best part, just plain being lazy.  We've been helpful dawgs too, helping mom with the vacuuming (wink-wink) and encouraging her to get her Peace by Piece 'homework' done.  She's got 5 quilts done for the next quilty bee!  

This is a picture of Gustav and I 'helping' mom sort the scraps.  Gustav was so excited to get started he took a bag full and shook it all over the room..... 
Aren't we nice furr kids?

Mom took a car load of pet beds to the shelter in July and they were thrilled, as always, to receive them.  They send their heart-felt thanks to everyone. 

Mom hasn't made many pet beds lately so she doesn't have room for any of your scraps this month.  The gang and I will encourage her to work on the pet beds more so she'll have room for them next month.

Have a great rest of the summer!

Puppy hugs & kisses.






You know it's summertime in Arizona when:

1.  The best parking place is determined by shade instead of distance.
2.  Hot water now comes out of both taps.
3.  The temperature drops below 95 and you feel chilly.
4.  No one would dream of NOT having air conditioning on.
5.  The birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground.
6.  Potatoes cook in the ground so all you have to do to have dinner is pull one out and add your favorite toppings.
7.  Farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying hardboiled eggs.
8.  The trees are whistlin' for the dogs.



Meet a Quilter Dedicated to the Craft of Quilting

Kay comes to the Peace by Piece Quilters bees every month.  She also sews for several other charity organizations in the valley of the sun.  Undoubtedly, one the most dedicated and busy volunteers I've ever met.
Kay is so dedicated that nothing stops her from sewing, not even a camping trip!  This is what Kay shared with me on the topic:


 This is my "traveling sewing room".  My Hubby sets it up for me to sew while he is hiking, Geocaching or riding his ATV.  I listen to music or audio books on my mp3 player. I have my sewing machine, ironing surface and cutting area.  Just like home.



AZB4K next bee is scheduled for Saturday, October 10.  It will be held at the Chandler Police Department located at 250 E. Chicago St. in downtown Chandler.
For more information visit the AZB4K website at azblankets4kids.com.








Peace By Piece Quilters


The next Peace by Piece Quilters bee will be held on Thursday, August 6th.  

There will NOT be a FREE table at the bee this month.
And we will NOT be accepting pet bed scraps this month.

If you would like 'homework' supplies please send me an email letting me know what you would like to have to work on.

Visualize a cool rainy day

  ~Wanda Dix~