June 2005


Can you believe itís the end of June and BEE TIME AGAIN !!  This year is just disappearing. We are almost half way thru the year with no sign of time slowing down.


Since our last bee Denise and I have been busy making patriotic preemie kits for all those babies that will be in the hospital during the July 4th holiday. And I have also layered a few crib quilts with patriotic colors. Patriotic themed quilts are acceptable any time of year but at Independence Day they are a must! Halloween is just around the corner and weíll have to make a few quilts using that FUN theme and those eye popping COLORS. But they canít be too scary.

It will be Christmas before you know it! Iíve already started to think about getting Peace by Piece kits ready using Christmas fabrics.



Last month I promised you some FUN new fabrics to get creative with and then couldnít deliver because my body decided it was time to be host to a nasty bug. I promise youíll get to play with those this month. And you all had soooo much FUN with the DINOSURS panel that I went on a search and was able to find a few more of those for us to play with. I heard Terry did some very creative quilting on those guys.



Bear with meÖ Weíre back to the batting topic again. Iíve got a new, less expensive, batting for us to try out this month. Iíve got both the Peace by Piece suitcase jam packed full of layered quilts and most of them were layered with a new batting for us to try out. So plan on doiní some quilting this month. This batting came HIGHLY recommended by the ladies out at Sunrise Village. They make MANY MANY quilts for AZ Blankets 4 Kids EVERY month and this is their batting of choice.



Iíve placed an order for 100 more labels. Since everyone seemed to think our current labels were worthy of being on our quilts I ordered the same ones again. We do need to figure out WHAT labels we are going to put on the Preemie quilts we make. The current labels are just too BIG to go one those little tiny quilts! I know the Az Blankets 4 Kids board members are having the same label dilemma we are. So put on your label thinkiní cap and see if you can come up with a Preemie label solution.



AZ Blankets 4 Kids is having a summertime getaway. This is the perfect opportunity to get out of the triple digit temperatures in the valley. The getaway is scheduled for mid August at Emmanuel Pines in the cool mountain air of Prescott. You can bask in the mountain coolness for 3 days and 2 nights at the minimal cost of only $100.00!!!! Where else can you go this summer that offers 3 days and 2 nights of cool temperatures, fresh air AND 5 free meals? Plus you get the added bonus of the best company around! AND you get to sew till your hearts content. Check out all the details at www.azblankets4kids.com


So Iíll be seeiní ya at the BEE. Thatís next Thursday June 23rd at CraftMart from 10:00 till 3:00. As usually, Iíll have Door Prizes and something GOOD to snack on.