June, 2018




Last month we responded to a request from Mission del Sol church elders asking if we could help them fulfill a need with their participation in the Family Promise program.  They needed FLAT twin size bed sheets.  They were in need of 20 sheets and because of your generosity we provided them with 19.
This month they are asking us to help out with FITTED sheets.  Twin size... fitted... don't need to be new, just not stained with no holes or tears. The need is for 20 sheets.  
If you would like to help Peace by Piece Quilters fulfill this request please bring your gently used, or new, twin size fitted sheets to the bee this month.  There will be a space set up for collection of the donated sheets.



                            ROAD TRIP         

A few weeks ago you should have received a message from me with a few time sensitive topics.  The most important one was information about a HUGE Quilters Downsizing Fabric Sale.  This sale is exclusively for those of us that love all things quilting/sewing.  Not only will there be yards and yards of shop quality fabric at $2 per yard but also other quilt making related items.  The BIG sale is THIS Saturday, June 9.  Click HERE to check out the flyer for the details.  Hope to see ya there!     





Quilting in America 2017:

~ There are 7-10 Million quilters in the U.S.
~ Those quilters live in 6-8.3 Million households.
~ American quilters spent an average of $442 in 2017.  That amount is up 48% from 2014.
~ The total amount on money spent during 2017 in the American quilting industry was 2.7 Billion dollars.


              BEE REPORT     


At the May bee...

~ 48 tops were sewn together.
We  completed 84 quilts.
~ Raffle items raised a total of $52.

What you will find at the June bee...

~ The kit-kit station has kit-kits waiting to be cut into kits.
~ The kit basket is over flowing with a never ending supply kits.
~ As always there will be a collection of tops waiting to be layered and quilted/tied.
~ Remaining in the Peace by Piece stash closet are 131 quilt tops waiting to be quilted. 
~ There will be homework available to help keep you out of trouble during our July break.




   The many people who helped make
this boy's dream come true.









Peace By Piece Quilters


At the Peace by Piece Quilters  bee on June 14. 

There WILL be a FREE table this month.

Click on the Happy Flowers icon below to send your homework and special requests to me.  Please submit your requests by  Tuesday at 9am.

Spread Kindness.