March 2005


At our last Peace By Piece bee we made a RECORD number of quilts!  There were 23 completed quilts at the end of the day !!!!!!!!!!  There were BIG quilts, little quilts, Pretty quilts, Cute quilts, Quilts with Easter Bunnies and quilts with puppies. There was even a quilt with a PINK ELEPHANT.




If you missed the last bee you also missed a visit from the Arizona Blankets 4 Kids President, Karen Dressler. She stopped by to see how we do things and got a look at some of the blankets we made that day.  


And A Visit TO the Board  

The Arizona Blankets 4 Kids board meeting was March 12. I dropped in on the meeting and provided members with a little show & tell presentation of some of the 23 quilts we made last month. There were a lot of Ohhhh and Ahhhh sounds coming from the members. They sent me home with a new supply of labels and a BIG THANK YOU for all the Peace By Piece members.  




The new PEACE by PIECE labels are here!!!!!!!  They arrived in my mailbox shortly after our last bee. Alexis and I spent an evening sewing them on all the quilts we made last month, so our name is out there in the community being seen. Of course you’ll get a chance to see them at the next bee. I only ordered 40 labels so we need to vote on whether or not you like them well enough to order more.  



  There’s been a new addition to our supplies. An IRONING BOARD! That little baby ironing board that CraftMart has allowed us to use just wasn’t cutting it. Pam (the lady in charge of the CraftMart ironing board) and I had a little chat about the little ironing board and we came up with a plan. She bought a grown up size ironing board pad and cover and I bought a grown up size ironing board. It will live at CraftMart so we don’t have to haul it back and forth.  


MO’ MONEY Means MO’ batting

We recently received a donation of $150.00 from Specialty Loaders. They heard of our frustration with using donated batting that was so fat our machines didn’t like it. So they came to the rescue with enough money to keep us in batting for a while. Some people are just amazingly generous!  




Every spring the Arizona Blankets 4 Kids board invites volunteers to a Spring Bee at the Chandler Police Department. That bee was held this Saturday, March 19. I was unable to attend the bee due to a schedule conflict. I haven’t heard yet how it went but expect to have some news by the time I see you at our bee.  



It’s time for us to do our thing again… That is, have a BEE. March 24. I hope you all can make it cuz we’ve got a lot to do. I’ll have quilts layered and ready for you to quilt. We are out of tops so we need to sew up some of those kits or there won’t be any tops to quilt next month. Of course we’ll need to do the serious work of testing and breaking in that new ironing board and voting on whether or not the new Peace by Piece labels are worthy of our quilts. And as usual there will be something chocolate and door prizes!