March 2006




January was a sad month with only 11 Peace By Piece comfort quilts going out into the community to those children in need. But February proved to be a very productive Peace By Piece Quilters bee! We produced 33 quilts !! At that rate we'll have no problem meeting our year end goal of 300 quilts.   






 This month has been spent doing a major SPRING CLEANING of the Peace By Piece fabric stash. This fabric stash didn't have cobwebs everywhere, it had lots and lots of pieces of fabric in all the nooks and crannies of the stash closet. It was a bit of a challenge to get all those wayward pieces of fabric under control. The end result is a very organized stash. The organizing process included some sewing which resulted in a few quilt tops (BIG and small) waiting to be quilted, and several kits (BIG and small) waiting to be sewn together. 




At the beginning of this month I visited a very charming quilt show. This show is put on by a very charming group of ladies that call themselves "The Queen Valley Scrap Rats" These ladies are busy quilters and stay busy with their volunteer "Sharing Circle" group. They do the same thing Peace By Piece Quilters do, make comfort quilts. Their favorite part of the quilt making process is cutting fabric so they always have a large supply of kits on hand. Being the sharing ladies that they are, I came away from my visit to their quilt show with several of their kits. So guess what we're going to be working on at the next Peace By Piece Quilters bee? 





The current biggest comfort quilt need in our community is for teen sized quilts (especially boys). We seem to always think of small children as the ones that need to be comforted but often times teens also find themselves in a situation that can be made less traumatic if wrapped a quilt.

 I'll have a few teen sized boy quilts ready to be quilted or tied at the next Peace By Piece Quilters bee.









If you attended the last Peace By Piece Quilters bee then you got to see the wonderful crayon quilt top Craftmart has assembled using blocks that were colored by local residents. The blocks are the result of a Craftmart demonstration at last years Chandler Home Show.  We've been asked to quilt and bind this special quilt and then donate the finished quilt to a good cause. What an honor to be asked to participate in this special project. Peace By Piece volunteer, Terry Allen, has volunteered to quilt it on her long arm. She does such an awesome job on so many of our charity quilts and I know she'll do a spectacular job on this project. Terry hopes to have the quilting done by BEE time.  

You don't want to miss seeing this quilt!





Peace By Piece Quilters have been very fortunate in the amount of fabric donations we have received. So I thought it was time to share the wealth of fabric with another worthy cause that will benefit children in our community. The Cactus Patchers chapter of the Arizona Quilt Guild is working on an important community service project. They plan to donate 25 or more quilts to the Thomas J. Pappas School in Tempe. This is a school for homeless children. To help this group in their effort I invited their coordinators to go shopping in the Peace By Piece Quilters fabric stash. They were able to find several pieces that would compliment fabrics already in their possession. At last report the group was well on their way to meeting the 25 quilt goal. That's a lot of hugs!  



  Check out the Peace By Piece Quilters Favorite Links page for a FUN puzzle link, It's a FUN page of online Jigsaw Puzzles made from stunning images. Working a Jigsaw Puzzle can be a stress relieving activity and one that I enjoy. Working on an online puzzle works for me because my CAT can't run off with the pieces. 




While you're visiting the Peace By Piece Quilters website check out the "Gallery Page". A few pictures of recent bee activities have been added for your viewing pleasure.  Check them out!!!






That's right... it's Peace By Piece Quilters bee time again! Hope you are going to come and sew with us this Thursday, March 23. I've got a lot of projects ready for everyone to work on so Craftmart will be a hum with the sound of sewing machines and laughter.  As usual there will be door prizes and sweet treats to satisfy your taste buds.

BEE there or BEE square...                  (Who said that?)