March 2007



TWO BEES MEANS...                       





  Having 2 Peace By Piece Quilters bees per month means we are able to make twice as many quilts. During our last 2 bees we completed a total of 41 quilts That brings our total so far this year to a whopping 87 quilts



(Boys & Girls Club/Multigenerational Center)

In February our Peace By Piece Quilters bee at the Westside Center produced a total of 28 quilts! Volunteers had fun working with Irish green and spring colors to honor Saint Patty and the coming of spring. We finished the day with 13 child size quilts and 15 of those quick easy preemie quilts that we all love. 


Our last bee at Sally's Fabric was also a productive bee with a total of 13 quilts being completed. The Peace By Piece Quilters made 7 crib size and 6 preemie quilts that day. 


With 12 volunteers coming to help out it was one of the best attended bees in Peace By Piece Quilter history. You could say WE PACKED THE HOUSE !










  While getting ready for our next bee I realized that we are running out of kits. Without kits we can't make quilts ! Soooo... we're havin' a Kit Bee. Here's your chance to come and play in the Peace By Piece Quilters stash. The Kit Bee is Tuesday March 20 at my home. The day will start at 10:00 and will include a pot luck lunch. So if you have a favorite dish you'd like to share bring it along. For directions to the Kit Bee location contact me through the "Contact Us" page of this website or call 480-755-0757. 

A day of FUN, FOOD and FABRIC.












The Cactus Patchers chapter of the Arizona Quilters Guild donated a BIG pile of child size quilts to the Peace By Piece Quilters. They were all quilted and ready for binding. These quilts were leftovers from their community service project in 2006. The Cactus Patchers focus this year couldn't use these quilts because they aren't BIG enough. 

But they are just the right size to provide  

to the recipients of Peace By Piece quilts.







 A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the Cactus Patchers for donating these perfect sized quilts to us. 















March 17 is not only St. Patty's day it's also National Quilting Day. So spend some quality time with GREEN fabric.

Check the Arizona Blankets 4 Kids website for the latest newsletter and their revised pattern page. You'll find their link on our "Favorite Links" page.

Surf over to and check out the winning sand sculptures at the 2006 Vancouver Sun Tournament. Now that's some CREATIVE work.

Check out the "FUN STUFF" page for a Pickles Cartoon submitted by Terry Allen. It will put a smile on your face. 

AND... I'll leave you with a quote fitting for all volunteers .

"Somewhere out there is a unique place for you to help others... a unique life role for you to fill that only you can fill."

~Thomas Kinkade~





Don't miss the first ever Peace By Piece Quilters Kit Bee on Tuesday March 20. 

Have FUN sewing those kits on Thursday, March 22 at the Westside Center in Tempe.

And Friday, April 6 at the Sally's Fabric store in Mesa.

There will be lots of FUN fresh new kits made with easy patterns from Arizona Blankets 4 Kids.       

See Ya At A Bee !

~Wanda Dix~