March 2008



The signs of spring that are blooming in my yard are a welcome site. My Iris' are emerging through the soil. Everywhere I look something is blooming, even allergies. I love this time of year when the air is filled with the sweet smell of citrus blossoms. And then there are the ducks... Mallards... Every spring they return and for some reason they like my pool. I know what you're thinking... 'How sweet'. That's what I thought at first too.  Well...what they leave behind is not "Sweet"! So again this Spring I've turned into 'Crazy woman with a broom'. Most times when they are landing in my pool they seem to be in the middle of a ducky conversation which alerts me to the situation and I promptly exit the house making loud noises and flailing my broom around.

 FYI...No ducks are harmed by this activity.



 In the last newsletter I told you about the GREAT donation made to the Peace By Piece Quilters of a Phaff GrandQuilter machine and Inspira frame. We decided the machine could best help us achieve our mission by selling it and using the monies to buy much needed batting and flannel. I am glad to report that the machine and frame has found a new home! The Peace By Piece Quilters owe a HUGE Thank You to Kitty at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks for helping get the word out. She let all her newsletter readers in on this GREAT deal and it sold within 24 hours! The Peace By Piece Quilters also received donations of notions and other sewing related items that we were unable to use. Peace By Piece Quilter, Bonnie, entered those items on EBay and raised $106! There was also an assortment of garment fabrics, notions and accessories donated to the Peace By Piece Quilters. Those items were past on to a group that makes clothing for underprivileged individuals. GREAT things just keep getting passed on.







At the February Peace By Piece Quilters bee held at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks volunteers made 37 blankets! They made 16 Preemies, and 21 Child size quilts. How do we make sooo many in just one day?








Our last Peace By Piece Quilters bee at Sally's Fabric store produced a total of 8 quilts. We made 6 Child size quilts and sent 2 very special Preemies out into the world. These 2 Preemies traveled all the way from Colorado. Dana, a Peace By Piece Quilter who moved to Colorado about a year ago, sent these precious little quilts to us. She knew we would find them a good home.



AZB4K distributed 5,131 quilts to area agencies during the time between October 1, 2007 and the end of February 2008. That's 5,131 children who got a hug when they needed it most. 

Please check the "Favorite Links" page of this website for all the latest AZB4K happenings..



You'll want to check out the latest addition to the "FUN STUFF" page. It's a cartoon titled "Grain?" It's certain to make you smile.


The latest addition to the "RECIPES" page comes to us from Peace By Piece Quilter Barb E. These Bran Flax Muffins were taste tested at a recent AZB4K bee AND at the last Peace By Piece Quilters bee. All the taste testers agreed that the recipe MUST be shared. Don't let the healthy sounding name scare you away.




Everything holds its breath except spring. She bursts through as strong as ever.

~Emily Carr~ 

Thursday, March 20 was the Earth's Vernal Equinox. Spring is officially here! As our days get longer our temperatures grow hotter.

This is the time of year when many of us spend time performing the ritual of Spring Cleaning. If you need help getting organized check out a link that's been added to the "Favorite Links" page. The Organized Option is a local business owned and operated by a Quilter so she understands us.   

There's also another link that's been added to the "Favorite Links" page. On Popser's Playground you'll find dozens of stories about the adventures of a Quilter. It's FUN reading.




The Peace By Piece Quilters next scheduled bee is Thursday, March, 27 at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks. 

The next Peace By Piece Quilters bee at Sally's Fabrics will be held on Friday, April,4. 


Stay In Stitches,

~Wanda Dix~