March 2009

 IT'S HERE !!!

Spring has officially sprung. St. Patty's day has come and gone along with the wonderful aroma of citrus blossoms. Now, Easter is right around the corner. When I was a kid a change in the season was all about the Holiday it would bring and the returning activities of the changing weather. March always brought the hope of a new paper kite and lots of windy 

days. Do kids even fly kites anymore? Today kites probably aren't made of paper and they surely cost a whole lot more than a quarter. Now a windy day means I'll have to sweep the patio and clean the leaves out of the pool. As I read newsletters from various parts of our country it is obvious that every region experiences Spring differently. While other regions are still enduring snow storms, heavy spring rains, and the anticipation of blooming bulbs, those of us that live here in the Sonora Desert experience Spring a little differently. This month I thought I'd share a little about life in the desert for those readers that live in other regions.



They will soon be gone! During winter months the population around here explodes. Many retired residents of snowy regions spend the winter months here enjoying our warm winter climate. Arizona State University has an enrollment of 64,000 students that also spend many of the cooler months here. Many aspects of life are greatly impacted by these large numbers of people. As we flip our calendar to April those visitors start returning to their homes leaving our community very empty and quiet by the time June, July and August roll around. 






 Last April, during a Peace By Piece Quilters kit bee at my home, we were entertained by a family of Quail. The last couple of weeks the Quail mommy and daddy have been scurrying about the neighborhood. There has been no sign of babies yet but I expect to see them following their parents around very soon. 



Another inhabitant of the desert that I often see in my yard is the lizard. As the temperatures warm up these cute little creatures become very active. Last week one adventurous lizard

ended up stuck in a tight spot that called for a human rescue. I found him hanging out between the glass panels of the microwave door! Don't know how he got there and he couldn't figure out how to get out! My husband removed the door, disassembled it and released the lizard back into his outdoor habitat.



A walk around in my yard promises to show a plethora of plants in bloom. Freesia, Mexican Primrose, Purple sage, Orange Jubilee, Valentine bush, Honeysuckle, two different Daisies, Miniature Roses, Ocotillo, Cats Claw, Geraniums, weeds (of course) and a large bush with feathery white flowers that I've forgotten the name of. The Irises are up about 6 inches but there is no sign of blooms on them yet.




Last month I reported that Peace By Piece Quilter and World Traveler, Bonnie, was in Fiji. This month she has spent time in Bangkok and e-mailed me during her stay in Bhutan, where they track Gross National Happiness and have large penises painted on many of the buildings. Yep, I had to read that part twice and that is what she said! Next she was hoping to visit Tibet but their border was temporarily closed so she was considering going to Everest Base Camp, India or maybe Nepal. We always look forward to the stories she shares with us about her travels.



This month I ran across a funny Quilter poem that I though you might enjoy. You'll find it on the 'Fun Stuff' page of this website. It's titled 'Where Did I Hide My Stash'. Hope you enjoy it. 



35th AVE SEW & VAC

 The March bee at 35th Ave Sew and Vac produced 28 quilts. Volunteers made 10 Preemie blankets and 18 Child/Teen size quilts that went out into the community to provide comfort. 


During the March bee at the Cutting Edge volunteers finished a total of 27 quilts. There were 10 Preemie blankets and 17 Child/Teen size quilts made.  Those Child/Teen quilts were delivered to the Mesa Police Department the following week.





As you slide down the banister of life, May the splinters never point the wrong direction.

~Irish Proverb~

Since inception the Peace by Piece Quilter volunteers have generously made 1,896 quilts for ill and traumatized children in our community. 




Arizona Blankets for Kids has an upcoming bee scheduled at Sunland Springs Village in Mesa on April 4. Check the AZB4K website at for all their upcoming bee information. 


Peace By Piece Quilters


Thursday, April 2 will be our next quilting bee held at 35th Ave Sew and Vac.

We have a bee scheduled at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks on Thursday, April 16.

See ya at the Bees!

~Wanda Dix~