March/April 2010


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Can you believe it's MAY already? It seems like Christmas was just last week! The way time is flying Christmas will be here again before we know it. Guess I need to get busy figuring out what Christmas gifts I need to get started on!    


Everyone loves to make those sweet little Preemie blankets. Unfortunately it seems as though the hospitals don't like to use them as much as we enjoy making them. The AZB4K keeper of the Preemies has a HUGE pile that the hospitals currently don't want or need. Because of that pile the AZB4K Board has asked that we not make anymore of these sweet little blankets until further notice.



Three volumes of Georgia Bonesteels Spinning Spools was passed along to us by the estate of our dear departed friend Ellie Gill. Peace By Piece Quilter and EBAY extraordinaire, Bonnie, placed them on EBAY and raised $94 towards our fundraising efforts. We cannot continue to do what we do for the children in our community without fundraising dollars. Even though Ellie is gone from us she is still involved in the lives of children.




The Peace By Piece Quilters 'It just Kinda Happened Book Club' collection will be at the next quilting bee for your reading enjoyment. If you have borrowed a book please remember to return it so others can enjoy the reading.



  BEE REPORT...    

During our March bee at the Cutting Edge we finished 27 child/teen quilts and 2 little Preemies. That's 29 quilts! The total finished quilts for our April bee was 25 quilts. There were 24 Child/Teen size quilts and just 1 Preemie. 





Long after all of us are gone, after fortunes are lost and won, after nations rise and fall, history will write the verdict of our work here based not on what we have done for ourselves, but on what we have done for children yet unborn.

~Thomas Kean~

One who lets slip by the opportunity to serve another misses one of the richest experiences life has to offer.


Never let a single day pass without saying an encouraging word to each child.

~Paula J. Fox~


AZB4K has posted their spring newsletter on their website. They have shared the accomplishments of several groups in the valley that make blankets as we do. The stories are all very inspirational.

The AZB4K annual Quilt Camp is August 13-15. As always it is held in the cool pines of Prescott. For more information about camp and to get registered call or stop by the Cutting Edge Quiltworks.

There are two AZB4K bees scheduled. June 19 is the BIG Las Palmas Grand bee event in Mesa. October 16 is the date for the AZB4K Fall Bee.  Check the AZB4K website at for the latest newsletter and information on all of their upcoming bee events. 



Peace By Piece Quilters


We'll be at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks on Thursday May 20. Our bee scheduled for June 17 needs someone to deliver the supplies to and from the bee as well as make sure the quilts made that day are picked up be an AZB4K distribution person. I have a scheduling conflict on that date. We need to let the Cutting Edge know by May 15 if the bee is going to be cancelled so they have time to schedule their classroom with another event. So please let me know if you can take on this responsibility.

Happy Sewing! 

~Wanda Dix~