May 2007


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ???                 





  Wasn't it just last week that I shared all the latest Peace By Piece Quilters news with you? I can't believe a whole month has gone by already! As I wrote the last newsletter the temperatures were perfect both day and night. The doors and windows were open all the time, the flowers were proudly holding their new blooms high and birds were signing cheerful songs non stop. But... MY, how time changes things. Today all the windows and doors are closed to keep out the HOT air. The flowers are looking a little wilty, no matter how much water I give them. And the birds... well, today there is just one little determined guy out there makin' music.

 Feels like spring time in the desert is gone for another year.





But the need for comfort quilts is here to stay. The Peace By Piece Quilters  are determined, like that one little birdie makin' music. We will  make those comfort quilts through rain, sleet and snow ??? No...that's not right... It should read...Through sunshine, drought and triple digit temperatures.  




(Boys & Girls Club/Multigenerational Center)

The Peace By Piece Quilters April bee at the Westside Center turned over an astounding amount of quilts at the end of the day. 31 Preemie quilts and 10 Child size quilts! Several people had spent time doing homework and it really made a difference when the final count was taken. 


The last Peace By Piece Quilters bee at Sally's Fabric was also a very productive day. Again, due to volunteers doing homework the Peace By Piece Quilters had 15 Child size and 13 Preemie quilts ready to go out the door by the end of the day. 





  THE LABELS ARE HERE... THE LABELS ARE HERE !!! The guy in the BIG brown truck delivered the NEW Peace By Piece Quilters labels today. They feel like they just came off the press. But I bet that warm feeling comes from riding around in a hot truck. They look real pretty,  just like the proof everyone got to see at the last bee. AND do you remember the discussion we had a few bees back about instilling patriotism in our children and the 'Made in USA' labels? Well, now the Peace By Piece Quilters can help spread patriotism because the guy in the BIG brown truck also brought us a bag of 'Made in USA' labels. The plan is to sew these patriotic labels under the binding of the quilts we send out into the world.   
















Did you know May is National Military Appreciation month? Legislation in the US Senate in 1999 designated May as National Military Appreciation Month. The entire month was set aside to honor, remember and appreciate service members. Loyalty Day is May 1. VE Day is May 8. Military Spouse Day is May 12. Armed Forces Day is May 19. And Memorial Day is May 28. Our military personnel train to fight. They leave their homes and loved ones. They patrol foreign soil. They risk their lives. So we may enjoy freedom.









 The Cutting Edge Quiltworks quilt shop is hosting an Arizona Blankets 4 Kids Quilt Camp during the weekend of August 17,18 & 19. The camp will be held in the cool mountains of Emmanuel Pines Church Camp in Prescott, AZ. If you would like more information about Quilt Camp or want to register contact the gals at the Cutting Edge Quilt Shop. 480-857-3443. While you're on the phone get directions to their BIG new store, I hear it's a quilters dream. 




It really is time to have another bee.

The Westside Bee is scheduled for May 24. 

Sally's Fabric bee will be on June 1st. 

As usual I'll have plenty of fabric for your sewing pleasure and a sweet snack to please the taste buds.


I'd like to leave you with two quote's this month...

May all your "UGLY" fabric sparkle with new beauty. 

~Pam Stahl~


Quilting is not just a hobby; it is yet another way of living life to it's fullest.

~Author Unknown~

~Wanda Dix~