May 2008



This spring has been the nicest, longest, coolest spring we've had in the Desert of the Sun since I moved here 11 springs ago. I find myself outside enjoying the weather instead of spending time indoors with fabric and thread. I've thought of moving my sewing machine outside! But the triple digit temps are almost here according the the weather guy on TV, then I'll be able to spend more time with my fabric. 




This time of year we see all kinds of baby birds learning where food really comes from and how to fly through the air gracefully. But, have you ever wondered why we never see baby Pigeons? Well... I've found a website with the answer to that burning question and many more. The Skinny On has the answers. You'll find the link on our "Favorite Links" page so you can visit the site often for answers to all those important questions. It'll be FUN.



All this Spring weather has got me off track. Back to quilty stuff.



During the April bee held at the Cutting Edge Peace By Piece Quilters bee volunteers made a whopping 29 quilts. 13 child size quilts and 16 Preemies. Everyone was glad to have those newly put together preemies kits to work on.









Our last Peace By Piece Quilters bee at Sally's Fabric store produced a total of 15 quilts. We made 10 Child size quilts and 5 Preemie quilts. What a productive day! 



It's AZB4K Camp Time. The camp is hosted by Cutting Edge Quiltworks. This  annual event is scheduled for August 15-17 at Emmanuel Pines Church Camp in Prescott. For more retreat info please check the "Favorite Links" page of this website for all the latest AZB4K happenings..





The Peace By Piece Quilters are havin' a Retreat! Yep... Our very 1st retreat will be held at Bear Cabin Inn located in the cool high country of ShowLow AZ. We'll be there August 11 - 14. Cost is only $150 for un-interrupted days of sewing and FUN. This is a NO CHARITY SEWING retreat. Bring your own projects. Space is limited so get signed up soon. Look for the Sign Up sheet at upcoming bees or contact me to get your name on the list. Spending time at Bear Cabin Inn is a real treat! For more details give ma a call @ 480-755-0757.






Since October 1, 2007 AZB4K has distributed over 7,000 blankets to comfort children in our community .


Did you remember to update your bee calendar for July? The  Peace By Piece Quilters will NOT be holding a bee at Sally's Fabric Store during the month of July. Instead volunteers will be celebrating our countries Independence. 






The next Peace By Piece Quilters bee is Thursday, May, 22 at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks. 

The Peace By Piece Quilters bee at Sally's Fabrics will be held on Friday, June 6.

As always there will be lots of FUN fabric to sew and Chocolate to taste. 


~Wanda Dix~