May 2011



The Cutting Edge Quilt shop has MOVED!

Yep. A few weeks ago we got the message that the Cutting Edge had moved. Several of us visited the new shop and everyone reported that it is a Bigger, Better, Brighter place to bee. I spoke with Kittie and she said we are still welcome to use their classroom every month. So as usual we'll be there the 3rd Thursday of every month. Some people have expressed concern that parking could be an issue. Kittie has assured me that it won't be. To help you find your way there the address and map to the new location has been added to the maps page of this website. Kittie has asked for our help in decorating their new digs. Before you head out for this months bee take a few minutes to search through your button jar for unwanted buttons. Bring them to the store and you will eventually see them used in the store decor!













In the process of making comfort quilts for children we create a whole lotta scraps! For some time our scraps have been collected by Bonnie. She used them to make comfort beds for animals in shelters. Recently Bonnie has moved out of town and hasn't been sewing with us on a regular basis. So for the past few months I've been the collector of scraps and have made a few animal beds. I'd really rather be making comfort quilts for kids. Mary B has found a couple of people in her neighborhood that make animal beds for area shelters and she will become our new scrap collector. So bring your scraps and Mary will collect and deliver them to her neighbor. 

Below is a picture of Avery on a bed made from some of our scraps. You may recognize the cover fabric, it was donated by Jackie and we filled it at one of our bees. Avery lives at AZ Rescue in Phoenix as she waits to be adopted to a new forever home. 







During our April bee we filled the quilt shop with 16 people and their humming sewing machines. Lots of sweet treats were consumed  which helped us complete 31 child/teen quilts and sew 20 tops together. There was so much giggling going on that we think there may have been some laughing juice in a few peoples drinks (hehe). 





Nothing great is ever accomplished by one person.

~Sheryl Leach~


The average amount of thread used to quilt a quilt. The numbers are for the top thread only. Double them if you plan to use the same thread for the bobbin. The three sets of numbers following the size represent Light Quilting/ Medium Quilting/ Heavy Quilting.

Laptop/Crib quilt- 200 yds./400 yds./600 yds.

Twin quilt- 400 yds./800 yds./1,200 yds.

Queen quilt-600 yds./1,000 yds./1,600 yds.

King quilt-700 yds./1,500 yds./2,000 yds.

~Bob Purcell~





This one is for Avery. See paragraph #2.





Do you recognize this cute Little Mermaid quilt? It was one of the 31 quilts in the April bees pile of finished quilts and part of Show n Tell. It's here to entertain you in a different way. Click on the quilt picture for a little PUZZLING surprise. 






AZB4K has one sewing bee scheduled. It will be held at Las Palmas Grand located in Mesa. The bee will be held on Saturday, June 18.

Check the AZB4K website at for more details and all the latest blanket information. 







Peace By Piece Quilters


Our next sewing bee will be Thursday, May 19 at the NEW Cutting Edge Quiltworks. As always there will be plenty of STUFF for everyone to work on. We have a suitcase full of kits and a pile ready for binding. As usual there will be homework projects for those of you that like to keep your hands busy between bees.


Come check out the new place. 

~Wanda Dix~