May, 2018




Mission del Sol has offered their space to us every month for 6 years and they never ask for anything in return.  In the past we have donated quilts for the congregation to raffle as a way to raise funds for missions and several cot size quilts for their participation in the Family Promise program.
Last month during our bee one of the church elders asked if we could help them out with a need.  Sheets... twin size... flat... about 20... don't need to be new, just not stained with no holes or tears.  The sheets are needed for their participation in the Family Promise program.  This program gives emergency shelter to homeless families with children, in the greater Phoenix area.  It provides food, safe shelter, clothing, and help in finding daycare, schools, employment and social services.  Within 60 days the family has generally stabilized and a parent is employed.  Encouragement and case management is given while the family transitions from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  Mission del Sol participates in this program by bringing families into their church for food and a safe place to stay for one week.  They provide this service about once a quarter.
If you would like to help Peace by Piece Quilters fulfill this request please bring your gently used, or new, twin size flat sheet to the bee this month.  There will be a space set up for collection of the donated sheets.





Please update your calendar to show this years June bee will be held on the 14th instead of the 7th.  The church will be using Mission Hall for their Youth Urban Mission on our normally scheduled bee date.

As in past years... we will NOT have a bee during the month of July.



              BEE REPORT     


At the April bee...

~ 30 tops were sewn together.
We  completed a WHOPPING 97 quilts!
~ Raffle items raised a total of $71.

What you will find at the May bee...

~ The kit-kit station has several kit-kits waiting to be cut into kits.
~ The kit basket is over flowing with a never ending supply kits.  This basket may have belonged to Mary Poppins at one point.
~ As always there will be a collection of tops waiting to be layered and quilted/tied.
~ Remaining in the Peace by Piece stash closet are 89 quilt tops waiting to be quilted. 




   The police officer who handcuffed himself to a woman to make sure she knew she'd have to take him with her. 








Peace By Piece Quilters


At the Peace by Piece Quilters  bee on May 3. 

There will NOT be a FREE table this month.

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Be Kind.