November 2006






  Well, all the Peace By Piece Quilts are 'Special Quilts'. But THESE quilts are special for several reasons. One reason they're special is because they are made from cheery Holiday fabrics. Which means, they will be going out into the community to spread some much needed Holiday cheer. 

Reason # 2 is that even though the Peace By Piece Quilters didn't have a bee in November these comfort quilts managed to make it to my doorstep THANKS to a very dedicated volunteer. These are the result of Terry doing homework for us as she does every month. She quilted them with Holly Leaves, Stars and Christmas Trees.  







Remember the Peace By Piece Quilters newsletter you read way back in January? That paragraph about OLD GOALS, NEW GOALS. The part that said our new goal for 2006 was to make 300 quilts. Those 'Special Quilts' you just read about in paragraph #1. Drum Roll... reason #3 why those are 'Special Quilts' is because they helped us reach our 2006 goal to make 300 quilts.   

That's right, we accomplished our 300 quilts goal for 2006. At the Peace By Piece Quilters bee in October we made 32 quilts. But we would not have made our goal without these 'Special Quilts'. 






  BUT... If you look on the Peace By Piece Quilters 'Recipes' page you'll find I've added a new recipe for you to try. It's another one of my families favorites and they only get it for Thanksgiving (and sometimes Christmas if they have been really good). Look for Double Layer Pumpkin Pie. It's a quick, easy, no bake recipe with an ingredient you may find a little  surprising and quite delicious. 























No, wait... It wasn't Santa, it was the Fabric Fairy! You know who the fabric fairy is... Heidi Pridemore and the Whimsical Workshop. Got a call from Jerry (the man in charge of Heidi's fabric) saying, "Come And Get This Fabric!" As usual it's AWESOME! From the size of these bags I'd say they have been pretty busy over at the Whimsical Workshop. Heidi's crew could give Santa's elves a lesson or two. Every time I walk past those bags I peek inside for a little look at all those wonderful scraps while visions of quilts dance in my head. By the time you read this I will have touched every one of those awesome scraps. If that makes you wanna touch 'em too come on over, I'll share the joy with you.




You missed some good stuff if you missed the last Peace By Piece Quilters bee. Volunteers were entertained by letters from Bonnie. Bonnie would come and sew with us before she decided to go do good things for children in China. Now I hear from Bonnie via email (isn't technology wonderful) with updates on her adventures there. As we read her letters a hush fell over the room except for the sound of laughter and snickers. All of us that got to read Bonnies' letters learned about the little dog in China that adopted her. Click on the link at the right for a picture of Bonnie and Little Bessie. Bonnie plans to  return to the States in the spring of 2007. We are all hoping she'll come and share more of her adventure in China with us.  

Check out a picture

of Bonnie and Bessie

at this link:







The Peace By Piece Quilters attending the October bee watched as a lesson was given in making the perfect finish to a binding. This method has been shared at previous bees and everyone that sees it thinks it's so clever they want to see it one more time. If you missed out on this one you missed something good and very useful. If you want to learn this valuable binding tip someone at the next bee will gladly demonstrate it again, just for you. 



WHERE'S THE BEE ???     

That's the REALLY BIG ? The appropriate paperwork has been filled out and delivered to the Pyle Center. It politely asked if the Peace By Piece Quilters may PAAALEASE use their facility for our bees in 2007. I've been patiently waiting for their  decision, but so far no response. Their instructions did say we should expect to hear something by December 15. 

I'll keep you posted.




There is no Peace By Piece Quilters bee in November or December. The 4th Thursday in November is that national holiday called Thanksgiving. Even the most dedicated quilter would rather eat TURKEY on that day! And by the time we get to the 4th Thursday in December everyone is so worn out from the holiday season that there's either no energy or time left for Peace By Piece quilting. 


You're one of those people that has recovered from eating too much turkey and all your Holiday tasks are done. Or maybe you're a little overwhelmed and doing some sewing would help relieve the holiday stress. If you need something to sew on, for what ever reason, I can help you out. You can go through the Peace By Piece Quilters closet and find the perfect thing to keep you fingers busy.    Refer to paragraph # 4.  






2006 has been a GREAT year for the Peace By Piece Quilters. We made 300 quilts this year! When this adventure started I could only hope that it would be this successful. It's because of YOU, all the wonderful dedicated volunteers, that this adventure has turned out so wonderful. At the time of this writing we have made a total of 629 quilts! Those 629 quilts translates into 629 hugs.

It's been Sew Much FUN !

~Wanda Dix~