November 2007



That's the way we all feel this time of year. We start Fall staying busy carving the PERFECT pumpkin, trying to find the PERFECT Halloween costume and going Trick or Treating. BUT... Halloween is very important because eating all that candy gives us the energy to get through the next couple of months. Cuz next we have to find the PERFECT Turkey and all the fixin's for Turkey Day! And if you are one of those "prepared" types of people you've also been searching for the PERFECT Holiday gifts for all your loved ones. Then there's ALL those PERFECT Holiday decorations. Around my house the Holiday decorations are in every room and outside too!








 But the first several months in 2008 will bring only mild Holidays to prepare for...   So, you'll have some spare time to fill. May I suggest you fill that spare time having a lotta FUN. One sure way to have FUN is to fill your 2008 calendar with the Peace By Piece Quilters bee dates. You'll find the Peace By Piece Quilters "Calendar" page has been updated with the Cutting Edge Quiltworks bee dates for 2008! And as soon as Sally's Fabrics gets us on their 2008 calendar I'll let you know.

  You deserve to have FUN!!! 





During the October 25 bee at the Cutting Edge volunteers produced 22 preemies. 16 of those were cheerful Holiday designs. We also made 6 child size quilts with 3 of them being made of Holiday fabrics. We were visited by Carole Willsey, President of Arizona Blankets 4 Kids. And Nancy Blackburn, another long time board member of Arizona Blankets 4 Kids. Carole and Nancy spent the day with us sewing. 







At the November 2 Peace By Piece Quilters bee held at Sally's volunteers made 5 Preemie quilts with 2 of them being Holiday themed. We also completed 8 Child size quilts which were all made using Holiday fabrics. November was the last Peace By Piece Quilters bee to be held at Sally's Fabrics during 2007. As of this writing the staff at Sally's have not added Peace By Piece Quilters bee dates to their 2008 Calendar. Hopefully we will have bee dates scheduled with them by the time the Peace By Piece Quilters December newsletter is written.



 Recently we received a donation of fabric, REALLY CUTE fabric, from a Mesa based company called Blessing Pillow. The companies mission is to bless others with prayer and to touch lives with a truly unique gift.  In checking out the Blessing Pillow website I would have to agree with their claim to provide a "Truly Unique Gift". Since the gift giving season is just around the corner for many of us I thought you might want to check out the Blessing Pillow website for yourself. Their link has been added to the Peace By Piece Quilters "Favorite Links" page.




Arizona Blankets 4 Kids held a Preemie Bee at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks on November 4.  Everyone enjoys making these little gems.  

I haven't heard how many Preemie quilts volunteers were able to make that day but I bet they had a BIG pile at the end of the day.




A Child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.

~Chinese Proverb~

The next bee scheduled by Arizona Blankets 4 Kids is February 23. Check the AZB4K website for more info.




The next Peace By Piece Quilters bee at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks is scheduled for Thursday, November 15. Please note this date is the 3rd Thursday of the month instead of the normal 4th Thursday. On the 4th Thursday we'll all be too full of Turkey to sew! At this bee we will be finishing up the last of those Holiday quilts.

Please make note that the Cutting Edge December Peace By Piece Quilters bee will be held on the 2nd Thursday which falls on December 13. The 4th Thursday we'll all be playing with our NEW TOYS!

As stated in paragraph 4 there are no more Peace By Piece Quilters bees at Sally's Fabric for the remainder of 2007. We'll see you there in 2008! 

Happy Quilting!

~Wanda Dix~