November 2008



It's that time of year again... when the Peace By Piece Quilters Bee schedule conflicts with that Great American Holiday, THANKSGIVING. I do not know any American that does not celebrate Thanksgiving.  Our 4th Thursday of the month bee held at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks has been moved up by one week.  


That means the next bee will be this Thursday, November 20. While you are adjusting your Peace By Piece Quilters Bee schedule please note that our December bee dates have also been scheduled around the Holidays. Scheduled bee dates for December are Friday, December 5 and Thursday, December 11. Check the Calendar page of this website for all upcoming bee dates.



Thanksgiving is the American Holiday that is celebrated with FOOD. LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD. I couldn't let this celebration go by without adding a Recipe to the Peace By Piece Quilter Recipe page. It's not a traditional Thanksgiving treat but it is quick, easy and GOOD (it does include a little chocolate). During this busy season we could all use a little quick, easy and good recipe. It's called 'Heath Bars'. I'll bring a sample to the next bee for you all to taste test. 




The 1st Peace By Piece Quilters Mystery Project is in full swing. The first and second clues have been handed out. The third and final clue will be available at the November 20 and December 5 bees. Once everyone has had a look at the final clue we'll discuss when the results should be revealed with a show and tell.



Our last Peace By Piece Quilters bee at the Cutting Edge was held on October 23. We completed a whopping 44 quilts! 27 Preemie quilts and 17 Child size quilts. What a wonderful show and tell that was at the end of the day!






 35th AVE. SEW AND VAC...

Peace By Piece Quilters gathered at 35th Ave Sew and Vac on November 7 to make quilts. The day was productive with 22 quilts being made. There were 9 Preemies quilts and 13 Child size quilts in the pile at the end of the day. Another heartwarming show and tell of the days efforts.



The Cutting Edge Quiltworks has a website. 


35th Ave Sew and Vac has a website too.

A link to both shops has been added to the Favorite Links Page of this website. Check them out for all their new products and classes. You can even sign up for e-newsletters!


Arizona Blankets for Kids next bee is scheduled for January 31 at Holiday Village in Mesa. Please check the AZB4K website at for all the important bee information. 




Thanksgiving Turkey Consumption 

Americans consume 675 million lbs. of turkey on turkey day.

Thanksgiving Staples

The top five side dishes that Americans are most likely to have for Thanksgiving dinner are mashed potatoes (95%), cranberry sauce (81%), candied yams (63%), green bean casserole (59%) and gravy (46%).











The next scheduled Peace By Piece Quilters bee is Thursday, November 20 at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks.

Then we'll be spending the day at 35th Ave Sew and Vac on Friday, December 5. 

~Wanda Dix~