November 2011




 This time of year is special to people in many different ways. It is the season for giving, celebrating, being thankful, strengthening your faith, shopping, baking, decorating, entertaining, reuniting with family, and spending time with friends.  Most of us have traditions that we revisit during the Holiday season and those traditions often involve food.  This year we will be doing something at our December bee that we have never done before.  We're havin' a potluck!  We have never been able to have a potluck in past years due to lack of space.  














THE POTLUCK PLAN explains the word POTLUCK as "a meal, especially for a large group, to which participants bring various foods to be shared."  So that's what we're going to do, have true potluck.  It's really very simple.  If you have a favorite dish that you would like to share with your fellow Peace by Piece sewers bring it to the December bee.  You may even want to bring copies of your recipe so others can recreate those favorite dishes for their friends and family.  Of course, if it's a guarded family secret we'll understand.  We do have access to a fully equipped kitchen, so you'll be able to refrigerate what needs refrigeration and heat up what needs heated.  There should be plenty of outlets for crock pots or other small electric appliances.  Please bring serving utensils.  Disposable plates and eating utensils will be supplied by Janet.  If your brain is so full of Holiday preparations that it just can't deal with one more thing, like choosing and preparing a dish to share, then just come and enjoy.









Our bee on November 3 was very productive!  At the end of the day we had a HUGE pile of quilts, 88 to be exact!  There were 23 Holiday preemies.  What a treat it was to be able to make those preemies thanks to a special request from the AZB4K Board.  We also completed 65 child/teen quilts.   Doesn't it warm your heart to know there will be at least 65 children whose Holiday season will be just a little brighter because of what we accomplished.  We also finished 29 tops that will be ready to go help children in our community in just a short time.

The Peace by Piece closet currently has 25 kits to keep us sewing and 46 tops that are ready to be layered and quilted.  

This month we have received 3 donations that totaled 8 bags of fabric and a couple shoe boxes full of thread.




Our new bee space is allowing us to stretch out enough to cut kits.  I have noticed a trend of those that like to cut.  You often bring your favorite cutting tools but you sometimes forget to take them home with you.  I know this is probably because you are having such a good time visiting with everyone that your mind doesn't stay focused.  I don't mind keeping your forgotten tools safe 'til the next bee but if you'll mark them with your name it will help me make sure it gets back to you safely.





Every action we take creates a reaction in the world. The sum of all those reactions is what we call our life.

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Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling.

~G. K. Chesterton


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Shoppers around the country say they are planning to spend an average of $646 for gifts this holiday season, down from $658 last year.

~ American Research Group, Inc.















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AZB4K has two bees scheduled in January 2012.  On January 13th they'll be in Apache Junction and January 28th will find them in Mesa.  Check out all their bee dates at







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Our next sewing bee will be Thursday, December 1.  What a day it will be with lots of fabric, friends and FOOD.  If you plan on fitting any homework into your Holiday schedule please let me know by Tuesday evening what supplies you need (like batting, backing or supplies to quilt or tie).  Clicking on the 'email me' guy below will allow you to easily send me an email.


Bring Your Appetite ! 

~Wanda Dix~