October, 2015


WAY TO GO PEACE BY PIECE QUILTERS!  Your participation in last months hygiene drive was very impressive.  The picture above was the result of your generosity.

This drive is done by Mds to support the Kyrene Foundation.  The items will be distributed in a joint effort between the Kyrene Foundation and the Kyrene School District to help families with basic needs such as food and hygiene supplies.  When a qualifying family picks up a food box it includes a hygiene kit.

Above is an example of a hygiene kit (the ziploc bag in the background) and the supplies contained in the kit (in the foreground).  Items donated by our group was enough to make 17 complete hygiene kits.  The items remaining after kits were made are:
21 tubes of toothpaste
16 toothbrushes
21 bars of soap
7 containers of deodorant
4 razors
4 bottles of shampoo
1 bottle of hair conditioner

We are continuing our effort in the hygiene drive again this month.  If you did not have an opportunity to participate last month or if you wish to participate again this month please note the list of remaining items above before purchasing.  Items needed to assemble more kits are deodorant, razors, shampoo and conditioner.  Please be cautious when making purchases of shampoo/conditioner.  We received a few bottles of body wash, that were mistakenly purchased as shampoo/conditioner.  How do I know this, cuz I made that mistake with one of the bottles I purchased.

Ziploc bags will be available at the bee, along with the items listed above, so we can put together more hygiene kits.  All kits and remaining products will be left with the church staff at the end of the bee.


           BEE REPORT





                             During the September bee...

We completed 47 quilts!  Of those 47 quilts 11 were Halloween themed and
   14 were Christmas themed.  All of the Halloween quilts are
~ We nearing completion of sewing all the Christmas tops together.  That means
   we are on target with our goal to get all of the holiday quilts done in time for
   distribution to the organizations that will be serving children during the holiday
~ The raffle items raised $65.
  We also had a special visitor during Show n' Tell.  An AZB4K Board member,
   Cheryl.  Cheryl shows up at the end our bees to pick up all the quilts we 
   finished that day.  She is also the person that distributes our quilts to the
   various organizations.  I think she is often in and out un-noticed by most of
   you.  But this day she shared something special with us.  Click HERE to check
   it out.

As we get ready for the October bee...

~ There will be a pile of Christmas tops layered and ready for tying/quilting.
~ Volunteers will find a pile of Christmas quilts ready for binding at the
    beginning of the day and the pile will be replenished throughout the day
    as the quilting and tying is completed.
~ The cutting station has 38 kit-kits waiting to be cut into kits.  A Thank You
   goes out to the 4 volunteers who assembled these 38 kit-kits since our last
   regular bee.
~ There are currently 55 tops in the Piece by Peace closet waiting to be quilted.

The winning ticket will be drawn this month!

~ You will want to visit the raffle table this month for sure cuz this will be your
   last opportunity to get a few more chances to win the sewing/office chair
   donated by Monica Croom of Awesome Artisan Quilts.  It could be going home
   with you for just a few $$$ worth of raffle tickets!
~ The raffle table will also have a basket full of Philosophy products.  The 
     owner of the winning ticket will have their choice of one item from the basket.
   There are some new and returning items in the basket.  Any item in the basket
   would make the perfect Christmas gift for someone on your list. 







Boooo and other salutations of the season; Duke here:

We're certainly enjoying the cooler mornings, aren't you?  Mom tends to sit outside with her coffee longer now and that make us very happy cuz we get to hang out longer with her.

My human brother brought his family to visit us and we're all having a great time playing together.  Mom's happy cuz she got her "grands fix".

All this time outside and visiting with the family hasn't left much time for us to work on shelter beds so mom won't be able to take any of your scraps this month.  Things will get back to normal soon and we'll encourage mom to get busy with shelter beds and other Peace by Piece project and we'll continue with the quality control.

Till next month.

Puppy hugs & kisses.






This past month I came across some info on Art Quilts.  Although the Peace by Piece Quilters  don't make Art Quilts as a group we do have some art quilters among us.  So I thought I'd share with you what I found.


Wikipedia definition of Art Quilt

 Quilt art, sometimes known as art quilting, is an art form that uses both modern and traditional quilting techniques to create art objects. Practitioners of quilt art create it based on their experiences, imagery, and ideas rather than traditional patterns.  Quilt art generally has more in common with the fine arts than it does with traditional quilting. This art is generally either wall hung or mounted as sculpture, though exceptions exist.


Another Word on Art Quilts

A few years back a study showed a correlation between the ceiling height of the artists' studio and the size of the artists' work.  They found that those who worked in areas with more space ABOVE them made larger art.
        ~Sorry I can't share who did this study cuz I neglected to note
          that piece of info in my research summary.  Shame on me.~


From Jan Phillips, award winning author

To be an artist it is not necessary to make a living from our creations.  Nor is it necessary to have work hanging in fine museums or the praise of critics.


The act of creating is a healing gesture, as sacred as prayer, as essential to the spirit as food to the body.









AZB4K next bee is scheduled for Saturday, October 10.  It will be held at the Chandler Police Department located at 250 E. Chicago St. in downtown Chandler.  Their first bee of the new year will be hosted by the Weavers Needle group on January 8.  This bee will be held at 250 S Tomahawk Rd. in Apache Junction.
For more information visit the AZB4K website at azblankets4kids.com.








Peace By Piece Quilters


The next Peace by Piece Quilters bee will be held on Thursday, October 1st.  

There will NOT be a FREE table at the bee this month.
And we will NOT be accepting pet bed scraps this month.


  ~Wanda Dix~