October, 2016


Mark your calendar cuz we are gonna have a party on December 1st instead of a bee!  That's right... a party!  Volunteers are invited but sewing machines are NOT.  We've worked hard all year and we deserve a party.
This will be a potluck party.  If you're new to Peace by Piece you need to know our potlucks do not require a fuzzy sign-up sheet.  All ya gotta do is bring a favorite dish to share.
We are planning some FUN things so stay tuned for more info.


Last month I shared information about our friend, Nancy Blackburn, who passed away and left many of her quilting room possessions to us.  Her instructions were followed on what to do with her quilting stuff.  Her goal was for us to raise money.
Several things were added to our raffle collection for future raffles.  The biggest instruction Nancy left was concerning her quilting machine.  It was also to be used to raise money either by selling  or raffling.  Since Nancy wanted us to raise as much money as possible, selling was the best way to do that.  She also stipulated that if we were going to sell it, it was to be first offered to a gal, Laura, she had known for years.  So that's what I did and Laura did buy the machine.

Laura with Nancy's son JR

At our September bee a free table was set up with everything we could not use to raise money.  Volunteers perused the table well and very few items were left to be donated.


           BEE REPORT 




During the September bee...    

~ We completed 59 quilts!  Of those 59 - 6 Halloween and 12 Christmas.
  20 tops were sewn together.
~ The raffle items raised $90.

What you'll find at the October bee...

~ The kit-kit tub has been restocked with 32 fresh kit-kits for the volunteers who like cutting fabric up into pieces.
~ The kit basket is overflowing with a large selection of kits for small and large tops in a wide variety of themes ready to be sewn together.
~ There is a stack of quilts ready for quilting/tying.
~ Several quilts are ready for binding and labels.
~ There are currently 147 tops in the Piece by Peace closet waiting to be quilted/tied.
~ This month and next we'll be focusing on finishing up the holiday quilts.






Every day may not be good,
but there is something good in every day.
~Alice Morse Earle

If you don't think every day is a good day,
try missing one.
~Cavett Robert

Some people walk in the rain,
other just get wet.
~Roger Miller





AZB4K reached a huge milestone recently.  100,000 blankets have been made and distributed since the organization began in 2001.  They are planning a big celebration and have invited us to attend!  The celebration will be held November 29th from 7-9pm at Las Palmas Grand Ballroom, 2550 S. Ellsworth in Mesa.  Please RSVP before November 15 by calling 480-283-8746 or email info@azblankets4kids.com.
The next AZB4K bee is scheduled to be held on Saturday, October 8 at Chandler Police Department in downtown Chandler.  Check the AZB4K website for more bee info at azblankets4kids.com.








Peace By Piece Quilters


The next Peace by Piece Quilters bee will be held Thursday, October 6.  

There will NOT be a FREE table at the bee this month.  
We WILL BE  accepting pet beds/scraps this month and will have some pet bed covers available.

If you have any comments, suggestions or homework requests just click on the Halloween Witch below to send me an email.


  ~Wanda Dix~