October, 2017



Every month when I get ready to write the newsletter I start by collecting information.  What date is the bee... Do we have quilts waiting for binding... How many quilts did we complete last month... What am I going to put in the Just For Grins section... How many tops are in the closet... 

This month the 'How many tops are in the closet' question was a record number... 235 !!! The 'How Many' question has been brought up a few times over the last several months because the number keeps growing.  The amount of tops tends to ebb and flow but it usually keeps itself in check.  That no longer seems to be the case.

We've got to have an intervention!  We've got to get these tops under control...

I've got a plan to fix this... We'll have a SPECIAL EDITION BEE!

It's going to be a different kind of bee than we are used to and we'll all be doing different kind of quilting stuff than we normally do at a Peace by Piece bee, but I know we can do it.

So here's how we're going to take control of the tops...

We are only going to FINISH quilts at the October bee.
~ No cutting kits-kits... At the cutting station we will only be squaring quilted/tied quilts or cutting bindings for them.
~ No sewing tops together (cuz we don't need any more tops)... Sewing machines will only be quilting or sewing bindings & labels.
~ Ironing stations will be used to prep tops and backs for layering.
~ The batting station will be used for layering and basting.

Here's what I think it will take to conquer the tops....
~ 10 Quilters quilting (each quilter will have their own table)
~ 6 Binders binding (2 binders per table)
~ 4 Tiers tying (1 table will seat 4 tiers)
~ 4 Basters basting (1 raised station created using two tables)
~ 4 Cutters cutting (1 raised station created using two tables)
~ 2 Ironers ironing (2 raised stations)

Please RSVP BY 10am WEDNESDAY letting me know what task you would like to do. Responding quickly will get you the position/s you want because positions will be filled on a first response basis. If the position you want has been filled I will reply letting you know what is still available. This information will let me know how much to bring and how to set up the room. Please note: If you volunteer for basting or cutting you may be moved to another position due to lack of work at your station.

To make this happen smoothly some pre-bee work needs to be done.  I need 4 set up volunteers at the church on Wednesday at 6:00pm. We'll be moving all the tables and chairs into place and getting quilts ready for quilting (Ironing tops and backs, cutting batting for them, layering and pin basting) I'd like to have at least one quilt ready for each quilter. We will not work later than 8:00.  Please send me an EMAIL by Wednesday 10am if you can help us get ready for bee day.


This picture is the results of a recent shopping trip to MulQueens during their BIG $3.95 per yard sale.  That's seven bags you see here containing over 240 yards of fabric.  We'll be making some really FUN quilts with this stuff.  Once they unlocked the door I was the second person through it and my mule (the dear husband) was right behind me.  My mule was the second person in the cutting line with a pile of bolts.  He started the gal cutting while I continued to keep the pile restocked.  We were on our way back home only an hour after we walked in the doors.

That's some serious POWER SHOPPING!




       LABEL UPDATE                

At the last bee some of you may have noticed we were running low on Peace by Piece Quilters and flag labels.  In an attempt to order a new supply I learned the company who has made and supplied us with labels for many years is no longer in business.  An executive decision was made to no longer purchase Peace by Piece Quilters labels but to continue the Made in the USA labels.  Those have been ordered but most likely will not be received by the October bee.



              BEE REPORT     


During the September bee...

~ 37 tops were sewn together.
We  completed 49 quilts, 10 of those were Christmas. 
~ Raffle items raised a total of $72.

What you will find different at the October bee...

~ The cutting station will be used for squaring quilts and cutting binding for quilts that have been quilted/tied.  No kit-kits will be available for cutting unless there are no quilts ready for squaring or bindings needed cut.  

~ There will be NO kits available for sewing tops unless there are no quilts to be layered, quilted/tied or bound.


At the September bee it was requested that a committee step forward to organize the Peace by Piece Quilters Annual Holiday Party.  Cheryl R, Donna S & Diane W  have graciously taken on the task.  They have already started making  plans and you'll be hearing from them soon. 









Peace By Piece Quilters


At the October Peace by Piece Quilters  bee... 

There WILL NOT be a FREE table at the bee this month.

We WILL NOT be accepting pet beds this month.
And WILL NOT be accepting pet bed scraps.
Petbed covers WILL NOT be available for you to stuff with your scraps.

Until further notice we WILL NOT be accepting any fabric donations of pieces small than 1-1/4 yards in length.  This is due to the fact that our stash closet overfloweth.

 See ya at the Bee.