October, 2018


Your Peace by Piece Quilters Raffle Queen has decided it's time for a BIG raffle item.  You know, one of those really cool items that we offer chances on for more than one month.  This time it's an Ottlight.  

Check out the Raffle Table this month, and next month, and the  month after that for all the Ottlights features. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Holiday Party in December.  Need not be present to win.






This month the ACTS OF KINDNESS segment is being replaced with a visit from JUST OR GRINS.

The backstory: The little boys name is William.  He is two years old.  After seeing his parents and their friends practicing a dance routine he is showing what he has learned at a Gala opening.
You want to watch this one all the way to the end.

This video WILL make you GRIN.








Here's the third installment of "The Dedicated Quilters".  So far we've learned Who the Dedicated Quilter is, and their Fabric Buying Habits. This month we'll cover Thread Buying Habits of the Dedicated Quilter.
*ALL information here are averages based on collected surveys.

The Majority of Dedicated Quilters plan to purchase thread in the next 12 months.  Below is a breakdown of what kind of thread they plan to buy.

~ 83% will purchase 100% cotton.
~ Fewer than 44% plan to purchase a poly/cotton blend.
~ 30% say they'll be purchasing polyester thread.
~  15% purchase pre-wound bobbins


              BEE REPORT     


At the September bee...

~ 32 tops were sewn together, 3 were Halloween & 26 Christmas.
We  completed 49 quilts, 7 were Halloween & 9 Christmas.
~ Raffle items raised a total of $55.

What you will find at the October bee...

~ The kit basket still has a few remaining Christmas kits.
~ There will be a pile waiting for binding.
~ As always there will be a collection of tops waiting to be layered and quilted/tied.
~ A BIG raffle item (see paragraph #1).
~ Remaining in the Peace by Piece stash closet are 156 quilt tops waiting to be quilted/tied. 


It has been awhile since the quilting community has had access to information about the Peace by Piece Quilters readily available to them.  We used to have rack cards and contact cards displayed in local quilt shops and we haven't done that in awhile.  The cards made people aware of us and what we do.  It brought in new volunteers.  Seems like attendance at the bees has been a little light so maybe it's time to get the word out there again.  This month could be the perfect time because quilters will be visiting more shops than they normally do if attending the annual Maricopa County Shop Hop October 5-13.  It's also a convenient time for us to deliver the material to quilt shops because we will also be visiting those shops.  Delivering information is an innocent excuse to visit shops even if they are not part of the shop hop.  :o)  I've ordered a supply of both cards and holders for the rack cards.  If you plan to visit any shops and are willing to deliver cards, please sign up.






Peace By Piece Quilters


The next Peace by Piece Quilters  bee is on October 4. 

We WILL be collecting petbeds for Lost our Home Shelter. 

There WILL be a free table this month.

Click on the Friendly Witch below to send your homework and special requests to me.  Please submit requests by end of day Tuesday .

May your days be filled with Kindness,