October 2004



Fall is in the airÖ Can you believe we are at the end of October already!?! The stores are full of sugary treats and spooky Halloween costumes for the little ones. Stores I shop in are showing off the latest shipment of this years holiday fabrics. Whether it be a fun Halloween print, or one with fall leaves and a turkey here and there and for those who plan ahead a heart-warming Christmas fabric, they all inspire me to create.  





If you attended our bee in September you got to see the raffle quilt. The ladies at the Cutting Edge did a wonderful job of quilting it. In our effort to sell lots of raffle tickets the quilt has made several public appearances. It is always well received and has raised $185 so far! This quilt has the potential to raise much more money. We need to get it out there in the public eye and give people the opportunity to buy those raffle tickets. Are you planning on attending any events where you could give people the opportunity to buy a chance. The people you work with, friends and family members are going to have their feeling hurt if you donít offer them a chance to win this quilt. If you would like to buy raffle tickets or know someone else who would like to buy raffle tickets please contact me by clicking on the quilt!!!.  

Our September bee allowed us to give 6 quilts to Arizona Blankets 4 Kids, 3 preemies and 3 crib size. Six quilts doesnít sound like much for all the effort but to date we have donated a total of 40 quilts to Arizona Blankets 4 kids!!!! Isnít that great? We should all be very proud of our accomplishment.  

  Arizona Blankets 4 Kids held a board meeting in September that I was invited to attend. Our raffle quilt went to the meeting with me and the board was impressed with our effort to raise funds for Peace by Piece. They even took pictures of our raffle quilt! Maybe that picture will show up in the next Arizona Blankets 4 Kids newsletter. Arizona Blankets 4 Kids held their fall quilting bee on October 6th. It was another great success. They collected and made 162 quilts that day! At the end of the day the quilts were bagged up and ready for delivery to several valley organizations that had an immediate need. The next Arizona Blankets 4 Kids quilting bee is scheduled for November 6th. For more details visit their web page www.azblankets4kids.com. Weíve received a couple of Thank You notes from the Az Blankets 4 Kids organization for our donations to them. Iíll bring them to our next bee to share with you.  


October marks the last Peace by Piece quilting bee for 2004. The 4th Thursday in November is of course TURKEY DAY. The holiday when we spend two days cooking in preparation for the BIG feast with all of those relatives that we only get to see once a year. And what do we feed them? Tryptophan laden turkey so is all they want to do is take a nap. Zzzzzz  
The 4th Thursday in December falls on the 23rd. For most Americans that is only two days before the BIGGEST holiday of the year. Iím sure you will all be very busy doing your last minute shopping and wrapping all those gifts. Not to mention the preparation for yet another BIG feast.  
Now is the time to mark your calendar on December 4th for a Peace by Piece get together that doesnít involve sewing. Iím planning to have food and fun for all the Peace by Piece volunteers at my home on that date. We will be doing the BIG drawing to see what lucky person will get this awesome raffle quilt just in time for Christmas. Iíll let you know when the plans are finalized.     


Youíll also want to mark your calendars for our quilting bee in January which will be on the 27th. We will all have had time to recover from our holiday activities and be ready to get back to our task of making blankets for all those valley kids whoís New Year is not getting off to a good start.  
I look forward to seeing everyone for our October bee on the 28th. As always there will be cookies, door prizes and lots of sewing to be done! Bring a friend to share in the fun!