October 2005


The Peace By Piece volunteers worked so hard again last month that we had ANOTHER successful bee. We completed a total of 28 quilts! 20 Preemie quilts and 8 child quilts. Volunteers kept their focus on the upcoming Holiday season and made 8 Halloween Preemie quilts, 4 Christmas Preemie quilts and 1 Halloween child quilt. 

Now that' something to sing about!



The need for children's quilts seems to be never ending and sometimes it seems that we just can't make them fast enough. The 8 child size quilts that we made at last months bee were needed before we got them finished. Last month, Vicki, an AZ Blankets 4 Kids distribution chairperson, took our finished quilts at the end of our bee and they were delivered that same afternoon to the Gilbert Fire Department. It's sad to know that the children in our community experience situations that require something to comfort them, but it's nice to know that we can give them a hug when they need it most.





Even though we made several Holiday quilts last month there is still time to make more before the Holidays get here. This month we will be finishing up several Halloween and Christmas quilts that don't quite have their last stitches yet. AND I have been really busy this month making Christmas kits. I've got a few crib size quilt kits ready for your sewing pleasure and about 30 Preemie quilt kits ready for you to sew up. We are going to busy bees this month.



Last month I introduced you to the newest addition to our Peace By Piece Quilters web page, the "RECIPES" page. Bee volunteers always enjoyed a yummy treat at the bees and sometimes you'll find the recipe for those lip smackers on the "RECIPES" page. This month you'll find the addition of a delicious PUMPKIN COOKIE recipe on the web page.  This is, after all, the season for PUMPKINS! Of course there will be samples of the cookies at the bee for your lip smacking pleasure. I hope you like the cookies well enough to make a few dozen for your family. If you have a yummy recipe that you'd like to share with your fellow Peace By Piece Quilters volunteers please bring a sample to the bee for us to taste and a copy of the recipe. We'll get the recipe on the web page to share with everyone.


You can find Peace By Piece Quilters on the CraftMart web page at www.craftmartaz.com. You'll find Peace By Piece Quilters on their Newsletter page under Classes, Clubs & News. Peace By Piece Quilters  can also be found on their Quilters Corner page. Check out all the neat stuff on the CraftMart web page.




If you missed last months Peace By Piece Quilters bee then you missed a NEW addition to our supplies. We now have table extensions! What are table extensions? They fit over the legs of the tables to make the tables taller. So instead of our cutting table being at a standard sitting height they are now at a standing height. These were a very welcome addition by all the volunteers and there were even a few CraftMart employees who stopped by to ohhh and ahhh over this new addition. Now everybody wants table extension!






The Holidays aren't here yet but bee time is! The next Peace By Piece Quilters bee is Thursday October 27. The usual time, 10:00am until 3:00pm. At the usual place, the CraftMart store located at Alma School and Warner roads in Chandler. As you read in paragraph #3 there will be plenty of sew going on. And as you read in paragraph #4 there will be some yummy cookies to help you keep up your energy throughout the day. And as all you Peace By Piece Quilter bee veterans know... there will also be door prizes.





Another year has come and gone and the Holiday season is upon us. And that means this is the last Peace By Piece Quilters bee for 2005. The forth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving day. That day is spent with family giving Thanks for all we are blessed with. I'll be giving Thanks for all the new friends I've made at Peace By Piece Quilters bees and for the generous people who give their time and the necessary supplies so we can keep helping children in need. 

The forth Thursday in December falls just a few days before Christmas and I'm sure most of you will be busy making all your finally preparations to celebrate the day.

The Peace By Piece Quilters bees will resume in January.



See Ya At The Bee!