October 2006





















That's Right


The Pyle center is such a nice place to hang out that they have NO space available in October for the Peace By Piece Quilters to use on our normal THURSDAY, or any other Thursday during October.  So this month we're doing our thing on 


Same time   10:00 til 3:00 on


(October 25)









YEP! That's right! We are ready for Halloween. Last month we completed several Halloween quilts. The Arizona Blankets 4 Kids board asked us to help them fill requests for Halloween quilts. We made 5 Halloween crib quilts and 8 Halloween preemie quilts at our September bee and 3 Halloween crib and 4 Halloween preemie quilts in August. It was FUN working with all that cute Halloween fabric.    

  Once the Halloween quilts were all done the spirit turned to Christmas. That's right, Christmas. It is just around the corner ya know. Kelli arrived with some preemie kits made using Christmas fabrics and the Peace By Piece volunteers stitched up a few of those precious little quilts.

Along with all those Halloween and Christmas quilts we also completed some non-holiday quilts bringing our total number of quilts completed in September to 31. 

AAHHHH.... Doesn't it feel good.










   The Christmas spirit struck the Peace By Piece Quilters' stash. So this month we are going to be continuing the Holiday spirit with Christmas quilts. The Peace By Piece Christmas fabrics have been cut into little pieces and organized into kits for you and your sewing machine to enjoy.  At the October bee you'll be entertained by 2 Christmassy crib tops that are ready to be layered and quilted/tied, 7 preemie tops that need backing, and a pile of about 20 preemie kits all made from Christmassy fabrics. 

Can't you hear Christmas music in your head?




















Some people just are not ready for Christmas to be in their face, or under their needle. That's okay cuz I've got lots of other FUN stuff for you to play with. Read on to find out what...





The Peace By Piece Quilters Fabric Fairy, Heidi Pridemore and The Whimsical Workshop, has paid us another visit!  Heidi has a very creative spirit and that's why we love her patterns and her fabrics. Her fabric scraps are the BEST! I've had lots of FUN making kits with her scraps and I know you'll have FUN sewing them. If you're looking for a Whimsical quilt pattern check out The Whimsical Workshop website on our 'Favorite Links' page. Heidi also gives workshops in the Valley of The Sun. If you're interesting in attending one of Heidi's workshops visit her website for workshop location and dates. Who knows maybe some of her creative spirit will jump off onto you.  





















The Peace By Piece Quilters now have a user friendly and portable ironing surface donated by our very own Peace By Piece volunteer, Janet. This was a very welcome and much needed item. It turns a banquet table into a pressing station and when the day is done it rolls up nicely for transporting and storing.




TREATS!! Of Course! And that's what we had. Nina brought a special treat for us to enjoy at last months Peace By Piece Quilters bee. Peanut Butter Blossoms. They were gooood. If ya didn't come to the bee, ya missed out. But Nina was nice enough to share her recipe with us. You'll find it on the 'Recipes' page.



How many people in the United states have the same name as you?  I have always felt that my name was a very unique one. In my lifetime I've only met a handful of people that shared my first name. AND then I got married to my wonderful husband, with the 'not so wonderful' last name. I left behind that ALL AMERICAN last name of 'Smith'. At that point I thought, "I'll never be mistaken for someone else cuz NO ONE out there will have the same name as me". Well, I was wrong there are 10 other people in the United States that have exactly the same name as me! How do I know that? Cuz there is a website out there that will tell you how many other people in the United States share the same name. To check it out click the 'how many of me' link on our 'Favorite Links' page. Go ahead...check it out. 

You know you want to. 




Arizona Blankets 4 Kids next Bee is scheduled for January 6.  The Bee will be held at Sunland Springs Village in Mesa from 9am - 3pm. 


What a heart warming way to start the New Year.


The latest volume of the AZB4K Newsletter is now on-line to get you up to date on what they've been up to. 

For more information about AZB4K Happenings click on the AZB4K link on the 'Favorite Links' page of this web site. 







The next Peace By Piece Quilters bee is 


October, 25. This month you'll find  the Christmas spirit in the Globe room. 

Sew Much FUN!

~Wanda Dix~