October 2007



FALL really is here! And I'm doin' a happy dance cuz that means those triple digit temperatures are gone for a few months. In most parts of the country people are getting ready to spend the months ahead looking at the world from inside their homes. But for those of us that live in the desert our suffering from cabin fever is at an end! I'm torn between spending time outdoors or at my sewing machine surrounded by fabric. 


What do we wanna do  

Fall also means 2007 is almost gone. The Peace By Piece Quilters only have 2 more months of bee dates scheduled before 2007 turns into 2008. So it's time to make plans for the 2008 Peace By Piece Quilters bees. The 2007 chapter of the Peace By Piece Quilters will close with 22 bees behind us, showing we made over 400 quilts and had a lotta FUN along the way.

  SO... the question is... 

Are we gunna do it all again in 2008Do we want to continue having 2 bees every month? Do you think we should have bees more often or less often? Do we want to ask the Cutting Edge and Sally's if we can continue to use their lovely spaces? Do we want to keep our bees on the same days, 4th Thursday & 1st Friday? Did you enjoy having cutting bees at my house? Do you want to do more cutting bees or less of those? What would you like to see done differently in 2008? Please send me an email at wdix@getnet.net and let me know what you think 2008 should hold for the Peace By Piece Quilters.






We made 9 preemies and 10 child size quilts at the September Peace By Piece Quilters bee at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks. We were visited by a Volunteer that hasn't been able to join us in a long time. She brought us 11 really cute and colorful quilt tops, featuring everything from Trains to Blues Clues to Precious Moments to Soccer. We'll have FUN quilting and tying these.









Volunteers made 5 Child size quilts and 1 cute little Preemie at the October Peace By Piece Quilters bee held at Sally's Fabric. Part of the day was spent layering quilts so we've got a pile ready to quilt/tie at our next bee.



 Have you checked out our 'Recipes' page lately? I was trying to figure out what FALL recipes I could share with you when I realized all my good ones are already on there! I've shared Pumpkin cookies and Pumpkin Pie. There's even some Orange & Whites cookies & Peanut Butter Blossoms for all the goblins. Not only is it Pumpkin season but also Apple season.  There is 2 apple recipes to try out Apple Monkey bread & Apple Streusel Coffee cake. If you have a favorite recipe you would like to share with the Peace By Piece Quilters volunteers just let me know and I'll add it to the list of recipes for all to try.





The Arizona Blankets 4 Kids Fall Bee was October 20 at the Chandler Police Department. In case you missed that bee you can still participate in the AZB4K Preemie bee on November 4th at the Cutting Edge. Click the Arizona Blankets 4 Kids link found on the Favorite Links page of this website for more info. While you are visiting the AZB4K web site check out their newest newsletter for all the AZB4K happenings. 




October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Visit the Breast Cancer site daily to participate in their Click to Give program. The Click to Give program provides FREE mammograms to low income, high risk women. Please click on the breast cancer link on our Favorite Links page to Click to Give. It only costs you a second of your time and it could help save a life. 

Click everyday. 

Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - They merely move it from their face into their heart.












The next Cutting Edge Quiltworks bee is scheduled for Thursday, October 25. We'll continue to work on getting those Holiday quilts done so we can send them out into the world to brighten the Holidays for children in our community. 

The Sally's Fabric bee will be held on Friday, November 2. This our last scheduled 2007 bee at Sally's. 

Please check the 'Calendar' page and mark your calendar for remaining bee dates in 2007.

See ya at the bees!!

~Wanda Dix~