October, 2012


Can you feel Fall in the air?  Ahhh... temps have become a few degrees cooler allowing me to have the windows open so the chirps of the birds can be heard.  Fall also means our comfort quilts are going to be in more demand by those organizations serving the seriously ill and traumatized children in our communities.









Twenty-eight productive volunteers attended the Peace by Piece Quilters September bee.  They completed 36 quilts and 32 tops.  From a collection of three queen size donated tops we chose one to finish as our offering to Mission del Sol for their annual fundraising effort.  If you missed seeing the quilt top last month you'll be seeing it this month cuz it needs a little help before becoming a finished quilt.  I'm sure this top was made with lots of love but it wasn't made with lots of accuracy so it needs some more love before it can be quilted and we'll be talking about that at the bee.  We also discussed an alternative date for our February bee and decided on February 14.  Please mark your calendar to show the date change.  We raised $42 raffle dollars for our batting fund.  





The Irish carved Turnips and put coal or small candles inside.  They were placed outside their homes on All Hallow's Eve to ward off evil spirits.  When Irish Immigrants came to America, they discovered pumpkins were much easier to carve and began using them.  This truly neat tradition quickly spread.

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To help you stay organized while making all those gifts for the upcoming Holiday:  Use a picnic caddy made for holding utensils and napkins on your sewing table for holding all those quilting gadgets... cutters, marking pens, scissors...

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Learned from dear ol' mom...

My mother taught me TIME TRAVEL  "If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!"





Click A Brand New Key and receive a smile.

This video is very entertaining and it will make you SMILE.  At some point you'll realize it is actually a commercial but that won't make you stop watching it.





Click on the picture above to create and solve the jigsaw puzzle.

This quilt represents a modern twist of the old pattern, Courthouse Steps.  The differing width of the strips along with the color and placement of fabric is what makes it modern today.  All the blocks are 12 inches but look varying in size due the the color placement.




AZB4K next bee is on the calendar for October 13 at the Chandler Police Dept.  Check their website at  azblankets4kids.com for more information.






Peace By Piece Quilters


Thursday, October 4 is the next Peace by Piece Quilters bee.  Click on the "EMAIL ME" guy below if you have a special request for bee day or need homework supplies.  See ya at the bee!


Happy Everything!

~Wanda Dix~