September, 2017



A few months ago the announcement was made that our Raffle Queen, Lora R, was hanging the crown up.  Lora has been our Raffle Queen since January 2016 and decided it's time to give someone else a chance at the fun.  Lora has done an awesome job since putting the crown on.  She shows up every month with a great collection of raffle items and creates a nice display with them.  Without our monthly raffle income Peace by Piece could not continue to exist.

The crown didn't wait long for a new Queen.  Donna S. has stepped forward and wants to see how the crown will fit her.  I'm sure she'll put her own flare into the raffle and keep us going for a while longer.


                                 BEE REPORT     





During the August bee...

~ 48 tops were sewn together.
We  completed 88 quilts and 2 books !
~ Raffle items raised a total of $69.

What you'll find at the September bee...

~ At the kit-kit station you'll find kit-kits that just need borders cut, you'll be seeing those filter through over the next few months.  Those kit-kits will contain a pieced top, a  piece or pieces of fabric, with a note attached instructing the cutter of the size and amount of strips to cut for the borders.  You may find a few straggler Christmas Kit-Kits anxious to get started on their holiday journey.

~ In the kit basket sewers will find several kits that just need borders sewn on.  Please work on any Christmas kits so we have time to get those quilts completed for the holidays.

~ As always there will be a collection of quilt tops waiting for quilting/tying.

~ You'll see a short stack of finished quilts that just need labels sewn on.

~There will be a FREE table this month.  All quilting/sewing items needing a new home are welcome.

~ There are 183 tops in the closet waiting to be turned into huggable quilts.  Of the 183 tops 18 are Christmas and 1 is  Halloween.





There will be empty covers at the bee for you to stuff pet beds with your scraps at your home.  Bring all your stuffed covers to the bee for delivery to Lost Our Home.

If you would like to learn more about Lost Our Home Shelter go to their website at

For Guidelines on making pet beds click the 'Our Community' button on the left side of this page and scroll down to the 'Dog Bed Guidelines' link.  






This month instead of Quotes & Tidbits I would like to share with you this heartwarming video.









AZB4K does not currently have any more bees scheduled in 2017 according to their website.

They do however have four bees scheduled in the beginning of 2018.  Check the AZB4K website for more information about those bee at









Peace By Piece Quilters


The September Peace by Piece Quilters  bee is just a few days away.  It's this coming Thursday, the 7th.  As always the fun starts at 10:00.

There WILL BE a FREE table at the bee this month.

We WILL be accepting pet beds this month.
But WILL NOT be accepting pet bed scraps.
Petbed covers WILL be available for you to stuff with your scraps.

Until further notice we WILL NOT be accepting any fabric donations of pieces small than 1-1/4 yards in length.  This is due to the fact that our stash closet overfloweth.

 If you have any questions or homework requests just click on the flag below to send me an email with your request.

Have a relaxing Labor Day,